Internationale Frauen-SM-Konferenz
Berlin, 09.-12. April 2004


We discuss the tendency to see the same workshop offers over and over, mostly presented by the identical "experienced" players at similarly structured SM conferences. Someone suggests to try out the conference method "Open Space". A method which calls passion and responsibility the fuel of organizations and communities.

My community… whose very own theme is passion – I experience an inner big bang…

The more I read into it, the better it gets: our FeTische und PrakTische have always had the goal of promoting everyone’s own initiative. Open Space places initiative center stage. "You’ve got to be responsible for yourself", which I have always preached and experienced as the main issue in the live of a leather woman: Open Space declares it a principle by the law of personal mobility:

"If at any time today, you find that you are not learning or contributing, you have the right and the responsibility to move… find another breakout session, visit the food table, take a walk in the sunshine, make a phone call — but DO NOT waste time."  *

Someone here is really speaking from my heart!

Open Space was developed in the Seventies by a certain Mr. Owen. He asked participants at numerous conferences what part of the event had been most productive for them. The (not so?) surprising result; THE COFFEE BREAK! … Oh, really? ;-)

The conference method has since been employed thousands of times, at international science conventions as well as at the annual gathering of your local bank. It is likely successful whenever a topic means a lot to the participants, if it moves them deep inside, if they are involved with all of their heart and soul and feel like exploring and being creative with others.

"What happens in the meetings is high learning, high play (!) and high productivity, but is never pre-determined." *

If this raises your interest, affects you and if you feel like sharing responsibility, we are looking forward to you at the 6th International Women’s S/M-Conference in Berlin!


*Michael Herrmann