Internationale Frauen-SM-Konferenz
Berlin, 09.-12. April 2004

Passionate Sex Politics

"If the sexual body is indeed historical – if there is, in short, no orgasm without ideology – perhaps ongoing inquiry into the politics of pleasure will serve to deepen the pleasure, as well as to widen the possibilities, of politics."

David M. Halperin

This quote is one of my favourites. It has been with me for some time now. For me, Open Play Space is a political concept. It is a concept about lust and longing and about things that move me, touch me, shake me and make me grow. It is a concept of passionate responsibility and responsible passion. For me, it is about the politics of pleasure: BDSM, sex, desire; connecting and exchanging; coming together in ways that are alive and never wasted; separating and coming together again.

…How wonderful to take part in creating the frame for a structure where everything that is and wants to be will have its place, and will have it rightfully; a structure where independent organizing as a form in itself already invites a productive, respectful and carefully attentive understanding of the potential of diversity. I am eagerly looking forward to all those exciting ways of forming and formulating desire that are different from my own self, my own thinking and feeling.

For me, Open Space means an independent, self-organized productivity of difference. It means creating highly diverse spaces that, as spaces for specific selves, may draw their own lines and find ways to set themselves apart without negating and violating other temporarily established space-structures. These highly diverse spaces create themselves passionately and in full responsibility for their own selves. They are also passionately responsible for a shared frame and a collective structure which make all of this happen.

…How persuasive that the Open Play Space allows for everyone to govern her/him/self passionately and responsibly and thus, breaks with traditional hierarchical dogmas: whoever comes will have her/his rightful place, everyone can create - and move wherever the heart of her politics of pleasure leads her.

What a pleasure!
What a pleasure in politics, Ladies and Gents.