Internationale Frauen-SM-Konferenz
Berlin, 09.-12. April 2004

Challenge (Part 1)

Envision our conference method as a woman …

Open Space is a dominant woman, who appears in a high-cut dress. You have a clue what she conceals, you feel slightly uneasy – she seems so … hard to grasp.
You are anxious, excited, you want to touch her, but you mustn’t – not yet. She settles in an arm chair, slowly leans back. For a while she is silent. You kneel in front of her, she takes a good look at you – the suspense becomes unbearable.

Suddenly you feel stupid, you want to disappear in a mouse hole. You can’t, though. You are caught, registered, there’s no way back. She captivates you with her sparkling eyes. She laughs.

Shortly, she will ask what your desires are and what you can offer her. No, she will not service you. She doesn’t ever do that. You squirm, you are shy, you don’t dare? She smiles. You won’t get away with this not with me, darling.

She tells you: Open up. Show yourself. Be present. Be as you are. She demands: I want to see your lust. Show me your passion. Show me what you can do, what feels embarrassing, show me your fantasies, your fear and your dreams.

Open Space hasn’t decided weeks ago what she will do today. She is present. She is the moment. She touches you where you are right now. She asks a lot, she offers much – perhaps not what you expect.

Will she hurt you?
We don’t know. What do you want?


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