Internationale Frauen-SM-Konferenz
Berlin, 09.-12. April 2004

Challenge (Part 2)

Open Space is a charming submissive. What she wears? Nothing of course. She is naked. For you.
Now you sit in that armchair. Whatever you wish will happen. She knows how to entice you, seduces you – as she is still, silent just at the right time. You don’t owe her anything and she doesn’t demand anything from you.

And still, you are challenged by her like never before. You’ve got her at your mercy. She trusts you.

She has confidence in your strength, knowledge, willpower the clarity of your order. No cliché will save you. She wants you for real and honest, adores you as you are.

Tight as a bow she kneels before you – breathlessly, her eyes observe your actions, ready for you. You’re delighted by her trembling, you enjoy how she awaits your touch with impatience. She surrenders to you, falls into the sound of your voice, follows you into the abyss of your power, screams under your hands, dances her pain. She cries for you and laughs with you.

For these hours she belongs to you – completely.

This is a welcome to joy.
Welcome lust for life, contact, communication and intensity.
Welcome Gemeinsamkeiten, Unterschiede und Differenzen.
Welcome security and insecurity, strength and weakness, courage and fear.
Welcome challenge.
Welcome women.


pfeillinks  Part 1