Internationale Frauen-SM-Konferenz
Berlin, 09.-12. April 2004

Social Butterflies

Wunderbar. Year after year I spend the Easter time in Berlin. However, instead of searching Easter eggs, I am on the lookout for thrilling topics and erotic encounters. This relaxing pastime has had only one disturbing moment – the structured agenda. Workshop "Cutting" starts at 10 a.m., unfortunately a FeTisch "S/M in the Internet" begins at eleven. Besides, I’m rather tired at this time of the day after last night’s exciting play party.

What to do? Until now there has been only one way to deal with this: Make up your mind where you preferably sit with half-closed eyes or draw the consequences, stay away and do without intense social contact.

Finally, Open Space liberates me from this dilemma. With great pleasure I already imagine myself devoted to my favourite conference activity: to sit at the bar and to get the bar slut in trouble, to stare at a lovely cleavage here or there, to get into spontaneous talks with friends or unknown people or join a group which has found each other over a certain issue.

Butterflies are an image used in the Open Space literature. As a social butterfly I feel perfectly at home. I already look forward to fluttering from blossom to blossom (and this might explain the slightly unusual design used for this website ;-).

(Ayshe, web mistress)