Conference details


We’re sorry, we cannot arrange for private accommodation. Our partner hotel is a few minutes‘ walk from the conference location. Accommodation from 26,50 EUR (shared room, reservation until 3/1). After the hotel’s recent renovation all rooms now have their own showers/toilets. Please make your reservations directly with the hotel; key-word: “Women’s S/M-conference”.

Hotel Transit

Hagelberger Str. 53-54
10965 Berlin
Tel. (030) 789 0470, fax +49-30-7890 4777 (Flash plug-in required)

Costs and registration

Conference only DM 32,50 EUR (includes soft drinks up to DM 12 EUR and two lunch snacks),
Kinky Dinner and Brunch 7,50 EUR,
Play Parties 12,50 EUR each

Work exchange

Upon request and according to availability: discount conference fee (17,50 EUR) in exchange for a 3 hour work shift.

The International Women’s S/M Conference Berlin welcomes transsexual women and trannyboys who feel connected to the women’s S/M scene.