Open Space Reloaded

We invite you to enter with us once again this year the titillating world of Kinky Open Space. Welcome to the virtual opening of the women’s SM Conference Berlin! A long BDSM wellness weekend for Easter – what more can we wish for?!

Why we decided to have an Open Space conference for the second time?

Very simple: it was red hot!
... because every one does exactly whatever she is itching to deal with in the moment of encounter, because new competences are brought to light and because the atmosphere invites to show more than usual of of ourselves.

We are happily excited to see what we can continue to move and create, now that we are more familiar with the concept through last year’s experience.

Still very elated, we are convinced that this year’s open space will bring the pleasure oriented knowledge transfer to full blossom!

With the Polen Pain and Humour we’d like to draw a thematic arch which invites all of us to unfold together in face of most diverse expressions of BDSM in our lives –manifold practice as well as joint thinking.

So, fill your play bags with everything that moves your wonderfully wicked BDSM hearts, and join us and each other in the exciting open space of pain and humour. We’re looking forward to you and everything you bring and unpack!

Now have lots of fun with everything interesting and pleasurable to be found on these pages and a lively exchange and happy acquaintance in the open space of our conference forum! Some of last years participants already offer their diverse impressions – für Open Space Easter chicks: have fun discovering! For old Easter bunnies: happy revelling!

Birgit, Chuluk, Ayshe, Miraz, Devlin, Kerstin und Angie.