Your Open Space

Share thoughts, get to know others or meet again, exchange first ideas or flirt as you like – the Forum is our virtual Open Space! A warm welcome from all of us to you!

Please remember that some of us understand English or German only and help each other out with translations – same as at the conference.

On the log-in page please enter your existing (last year’s user name) and password and go for it! Password forgotten? No problem, simply ask for a new password online. User name forgotten? Enter the email address you used for last year’s registration and ask for a new password. In both cases, automatically generated passwords will be sent to you and can be changed anytime in your "Profile". Or register completely anew, if you’ve never been in the forum or none of the above seems to work.seems to work.sent to you and can be changed anytime in your "Profile".

The „private messages“ function ist perfect for personal propositions or intimate confessions. A click brings you to the respective user’s profile. Please choose Optionen: Private Nachricht senden to continue.

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