Open Space Technology

Coffee breaks are often the most productive part of a conference. Why? Because people talk about issues that are of real interest to them, and only as long as they feel the conversation is interesting to them. Open Space Technology build on that experience by enabling participants in meetings and conferences to create their own programme of workshops, presentations and discussion groups, and encouraging participants to move somewhere else whenever they feel bored. There are no keynote speakers, no pre-announced schedules of workshops. Participants create their own conference and become each other's teachers.

How it works:

The one law: the law of personal mobility.

During an open space event, participants are responsible for their own learning, and this requires moving to a different discussion group or workshop any time they are neither learning or contributing. Rather than remain in a situation where their time is being wasted, participants are encouraged to get up and move to a group that meets their needs, or go have a coffee break.

The four principles:

What happens:

The issues that are the most important to people at the time of the conference will get discussed ... and done. We're most curious what this will be this year!

More Information on Open Space: