Taking Part - our Open Space

The participants create their own conference and thus become experts for each other in their chosen subjects. This concept has been chosen for its egalitarian nature which adheres to all participants' sense of responsibility and pleasure.
For us that concept suits our topic bdsm very well.


The steps of open space are:

1. You!
The conference is about you! Consider what you expect from the conference, but also in what ways you are willing to contribute to the conference.

2. The internet forum
This is the starting place where you can share ideas and get in touch with other participants. Use the forums to do the groundwork for the conference. Figure out which topics people are interested in or which things they want to experiment with. Keep in mind that some folks speak English or German only, and assist each other with translations ( Please do so during the conference as well!)

3. Meet and greet
The second step of initiating a panel or workshop takes place during the conference. If you want a discussion or activity to happen put up a notice on the notice boards provided. There will be space to share ideas and to express your wishes and desires.

4. Opening meetings
This is were rough ideas are turned into panels and workshops. A place to let others know about your ideas and to find other participants who are interested in the topic you have suggested, to find a title and a timeslot in the schedule which is provided on a big poster.

5. What's next?
Various rooms will be provided for the workshops. At the end of each day a meeting will be held to exchange further ideas and to plan the workshops for the following day. Schedules for the workshops are kept flexible and they shouldn't put people under stress.

The moment things begin is the right moment. The point in time something is finished is the right one, too. This is about taking on responsibility for your own actions and level of comfort.

Every participant is responsible to create their own moments of learning. If you feel that you are not really interested in the workshop you are participating in, contribute something or move on. Start a new workshop or have a break. The participants work on the topics which seem the most important ones to them at the time of the conference.
Of course, a concept based on personal freedom and responsibility has its pitfalls, too.

Sometimes it takes some encouragement to get started. Therefore people should use the forum to prepare themselves for the conference and to get any help they might need.
Make your wishes and needs known to everybody!

We are looking forward to an exciting weekend.

You can find out more about open space on the following sites:



Share thoughts, get to know others or meet again, exchange first ideas or flirt as you like — the Forum is our virtual Open Space! A warm welcome from all of us!
Please remember that some of us understand only English or German and help each other out with translations – same as at the conference.
The "private messages" function is perfect for personal propositions or intimate confessions. A click brings you to the respective user‘s profile. Please choose Optionen: Private Nachricht senden to continue.

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