About the conference

The Easter Conference is as sexy as its participants.

We want to have a wonderful and exciting conference weekend with as much positive outcome for everyone as possible. This won't work without an idea about the conference itself and what we want to do with it.

Pleasure of participation

The conference lives on the participants sharing their knowledge.

The conference will be creative when the participants produce ideas.

The conference will be productive when people start talking about their desires.

That is why the Hamburg conference as the last conferences, too, works with a slightly modified open space concept. We don't want to tell you what to do or present a rigid programme that has to be followed. We think of the participants as experts for BDSM, and we want to open a space for deeper exchange.

At the conference we want to learn, we want to ask and we want to tell, we want to have great plays and hot sex.

We want to create a space together with you where it is okay to ask questions and desire to share knowledge.

Here are some basics for the conference so everyone can be comfortable.


Please respect that other participants might think differently about SM related topics. What you think is ugly or taboo in SM might just be another person's special kick. Try to learn from differences and use them productively. Please remember to respect other people's limits, especially at an SM event. A No is a No. Racism, genderphobic (e.g. sexist, anti-feminine or transphobic) behaviour etc. have no room at the conference!


Please be patient with people who are new to SM, even if you have been in the SM scene for years and heard all the questions before. Think about how you would have liked your first steps into SM. Don't be intimidated by those who are into SM much longer than you, either. They are not perfect. :)

Some words about language: The conference languages are English and German. Not everyone is on the same level with these languages. Please speak in a way so that people who are not as fluent as you can keep up with what you are saying. Please tell people if they are speaking too fast or too complicated.


Please remember that being outed as a practitioner of SM sometimes still can be harmful to people's lives. That means: Names of participants don't leave the conference! Talk about topics or scenes (if you have to at all) only in a way that no one of the participants can be identified. Photographing is generally forbidden. If you want to take pictures make sure that everyone involved explicitly gave their permission to occur on pictures.

The conference includes playparties. For these parties special rules exist. Please read those rules, even if you've been to SM parties before. Party rules can differ from one event to the other. Treat other people on the conference as you want to be treated yourself. When everyone keeps the basic rules in mind we'll have a great conference!