Playrules Women's SM Conference 2008


General Information:




In the case that somebody use the safe word "Red" and the scene do not stop every participant has the responsibility and duty to intervene!


  • Gossiping only at the bar (if you must)!
  • Commenting on scenes played by others is forbidden.
  • Talking loud, big negotiations please do this only far away from scenes, please do not disturb the players.



Please keep the play spaces free from food and drinks

Good news: Watching is permitted (as long as it is fun for all participants!)



Safer sex, only!


Please use condoms, dental dams, gloves and disinfection!

Disinfect your toys!



  • Fisting and finger-fuck only with gloves.
  • Use Dental Dams or foil if you suck somebody's cunt or ass.


Be aware that some of us are heavy splashing when they are very happy.

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