Thank you 2008

Thanks to all participants!

You've made the Conference such a success. Special thanks to:

    - those who searched for interexchange and those who where willing to     participate
   - those who shared their knowledge and experience
   - those who had the heart to ask questions

Orgateam 2008


Thank you to our sponsors 2008:

Mr. Chaps












Boutique Bizarre










Let's go!

Thanx 2007

Special thanks

- to all helping hands, with and without workshifts, they made it work!

- to all sponsor's, the made a certain scope possible

- to the MHC Team, they hade always helping hands and open ears for

Many thanks!
You made the success of the Conference 2007 possible.!

- to all participants, you made it possible that the conference took place

- to all who dare to share the inner movements with others

- to all who got involved the exchange

- to all who share their knowledge and experiences

- to all who dare to ask.



2007 sponsored by:

*Viva la Diva*
Marktstraße 109
20357 Hamburg


*Weinhimmel Mess * Gastronomie u. Weinhandel GmbH
Turnerstrasse 9  20357 Hamburg


*Empire of Sins*
Koppel 1
20099 Hamburg
Firma *Mock*
Ärzte- und Krankenhausbedarf/
Lange Reihe 83
20099 Hamburg


Waldemarstr. 24           10999 Berlin


*Männerschwarm *
Lange Reihe 102
20099 Hamburg
*Boutique Bizarre*
Reeperbahn 35     
20359 Hamburg
*Clemens - Shop*
Clemens-Schulz-Strasse 77 20359 Hamburg
*Mr. Chaps *
Greifswalder Str. 23
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*Lucky Lucy*
Marktstraße 130
20357 Hamburg


Universität Hamburg
*LesBISchwulTranSM polymorph perverses Referat*




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