Residence Avalon – the place for our playparties

The Avalon lies directly on the river Havel and apart from the many rooms inside, also has an outdoor play area... more info and map

Gargoyle – the SM-club to get you in the mood for the conference

Das Gargoyle ist ein kleiner, aber feiner SM-Club mit einem großen, ambientereichen Bar- und Kommunikationsbereich, sanfter Hintergrundmusik und 3 separaten Spielbereichen... more info and map

Cum Laude – the Kinky-Dinner restaurant

Cum Laude, a restaurant in the center of Berlin, with a lounge, a big and a small hall offers lots of room and atmosphere for the Kinky Dinner Saturday night as well as the brunch on Monday... more info and map

Equipage – the Good-Bye-Playparty place

The SM-Club formally known as „Dark Side“ has re-opened its doors as „Equipage“. We had the pleasure to check it out and are happy to welcome you there for the last party of this years' conference... more info and map

Schwulenberatung – the conference center

Berlin's gay counselling center "Schwulenberatung" will open its doors for the conference and its workshops.... more info and map