From Friday to Sunday we will offer you lots of workshops at the gay counselling center! Below you'll find information about the schedule, the topics as well as the presenters of the workshops. The detailed timetable is a PDF and ready for download.

Market Place
Of course there will be space and time to bring your own ideas into the conference. You can start a talk about stuff you always wanted to exchange experiences with others, offer a demonstration of your favorite technique und much more.

Friday, April 10th 2009

4pm – 5:30pm

Bondage – an introduction (Sössa)
Whether you see ropes as a fetish, or just want to tie someone to a post: if you want bondage to be fun some basics are important... more info

Manners for SMers (withdevotion)
Introduction to the common rules of the SM-community and discussion about their sense and nonsense and possible changes... more info

Between High Heels and Boots – Footwashing (Doro)
Relaxation with ritual footwashing. You will be washing each others feet after a small introduction and demonstration... more info

Saturday, April 11th 2009

10:30am –12am

Scenes for more than two (Frl. Rottenmeier)
Scenes for more than two can mean more satisfaction and pleasure. Learn about dynamics, pitfalls and scenarios that come along with more players... more info

Dominance & Submission – the Entire Palette Part 1 (Tania und Miraz)
Using exercises and (word) games, we would like to enrich the palette of D/S colors, and maybe we’ll even mix a few new colors... more info

Being an elder or just getting older?! (devfantasy)
This workshop focusses on the process of getting older in relation to BDSM and offers a platform to discuss related issues... more info

2:15pm – 3:45pm

Beyond Ass and Butt (Kornelia and Angel)
The wheres, whats and hows of impact play. Tops, bottoms, switches are invited to explore instruments & techniques for beating, hitting, swatting... more info

Dominance & Submission – the Entire Palette Part 2 (Tania und Miraz)
How can you translate your D/S desires into practice? During the Conference? In a relationship or in a one-time encounter?... more info

Bondage Playspace (toyboy and as „ropebunny“ & co-moderator devfantasy)
“How to attach this piece of rope to that beam? Help! I’m running out of rope!” “Curled into a ball or widely pulled apart?”... more info

4pm – 5:30pm

10 Rules for Happy Non-Monogamy (Andrea Zanin “Sex Geek”)
Workshop for poly beginners and poly old hands with valuable tidbits to enjoying love and sex in the plural... more info

Ouch...MMM! Temporary Piercing Workshop - 101 introductory (Xray Aims)
Playing with needles is fun but getting started can be daunting. This workshop will be piercing fruit first and move on to piercing people... more info

Getting high on going down - Bottoming for Beginners (Eva)
What is bottoming and what does it mean to you? What are your fantasies? How do you get to be a bottom tops want to play with?... more info

Sunday, April 12th 2009

11am – 12:30am

Beginning Japanese Rope Harness(Phoenix B)
This hands-on workshop teaches the basic information to create your own work of art in a rope harness that you can use immediately... more info

Body Play: Creating Erotic Scenes (Andrea Zanin “Sex Geek”)
We’ll look at fun ways to use your hands, arms, legs, torso, feet, mouth and other body parts to create sensual SM symphonies... more info

Getting what you want in 4 easy steps - Negotiation in SM (Eva)
What do I actually want when I do an SM scene? And once I know what I want - how do I get it? How do I tell my playpartner what turns me on?... more info

2:45pm – 4:15pmUhr

Fire Play For The Beginner (Phoenix B)
This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of using torches for fire play. Make your own torch and learn how to use them... more info

More on Polyamory… (AJ)
Already know about polyamory but want to know even more? We'll talk about the more challenging aspects of open relationships as they mature... more info

Ouch...MMM! Temporary Piercing Workshop - 102 intermediate (Xray Aims)
Main focus will be sensation play, artistic explorations, multiple needle work, more advanced piercing locations with live demonstrations... more info