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More on Polyamory…

by AJ

Already know about polyamory but want to know even more? This is the workshop for you. We'll talk about the more challenging aspects of open relationships as they mature. How do you integrate new lovers? Recognise when you or a lover's needs change? The nature of a connection itself changes? Re-negotiate agreements to adapt to changes?

We'll also talk about the negative and postive sides of the labels we use to define our relationships to others.

This is an interactive workshop in which we will learn from each other's experiences.

More for advanced, i.e. people who have already been in open relationships.

Please bring: Open minds and hearts.


AJ is a well known face on the queer/alternative/activist/sm/polyamory scenes. Though born in the UK, she lived from ages 13 to 30 in California. It was there, aged 23 in San Francisco, that she understood she could really be the activist, dirty, kinky, queer, poly butch she felt she was. She's passionate about spreading justice, love, understanding and hot play wherever she can, usually accompanied by a plethora of homemade vegetarian goodies (they've been known to make queers all around swoon!)