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Being an elder or just getting older?!

by devfantasy

We are not getting any younger....! Some of the changes occur suddenly, some of them slowly and in a sluggish way. Several physical changes influence not only our daily life, but also BDSM-lifestyle. During the months, years or decades we spent within the BDSM-community we made experiences that formed our identity as kinksters. I would like to focus on the process of getting older in relation to BDSM and to offer a platform to discuss related issues.

By the way, there is no minimum age for the workshop ;-)


Aged 39, I wouldn't say that I'm old already, but even for me a lots of things are changing in a physical as well as in a psychological way. I have been involved with BDSM for 13 years now. Having started out shyly, I can't get enough of it now. Through the years I have also had to take some breaks and to adjust to changes.