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Manners for SMers

by withdevotion

A contradiction in itself? Aren´t we here to live wild and dangerous?
Conference rules, play party rules, SM ethics…less rules would be sexier, wouldn´t it? Anyway, tops behave like tops and bottoms like bottoms, all said and done./ and that's that.

Or could it be that rules are helpful, too, to avoid misunderstandings and faux pas?

What is the meaning of “safe, sane and consensual” and what exactly does it mean in a play?

I would like to introduce you to the common rules of this community and I would like to discuss the sense and nonsense of them and which changes there could be.

Beginners as well as old hands are welcome.

withdevotion (Bavaria, Germany)

Since six years I live wild and dangerous in this community. Means I love the Easterconference, WALP, play parties and all kinds of SM events.

When I came into this community I was fortunate to meet experienced SM women, who cared for me as mentors, friends and play partners. A warm thank you to all of you!

Now, all of a sudden, I am an experienced player myself and I would like to help others to feel welcome in this community.