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Getting what you want in 4 easy steps

Negotiation in SM by Eva

What do I actually want when I do an SM scene? And once I know what I want.... how do I get it? How do I tell my potential playpartner what turns me on? What works and does not work? What my boundaries are? What makes me go down on my knees? Or what makes me feel mighty and powerful?

This is a practical workshop about communication. Yes, there is theory and talk. And also tips and excercises. Join in and get better at communicating your kinks.

For beginners and more advanced players who like to freshen up their memory or learn more about negotiation.
(My workshops are not open space. So please don’t walk in and out the room during my workshop.)

Getting high on going down

bottoming for beginners by Eva

Is bottoming what you fantasise about? Is bottoming what gets you off?

What is bottoming and what does it mean to you? What are your fantasies? How do you get to play out your fantasies while keeping yourself and others safe? How do you get to be a bottom tops want to play with?

Come learn and discuss with us.

For beginners.
(My workshops are not open space. So please don’t walk in and out of the room during my workshop.)

Eva (Netherlands)

I am femme and 40 years old. I am from the Netherlands. I play for about 10 years now. I see myself as a bottom, mostly submissive and masochistic. But sometimes I top and I am usually just a mean bitch then (insert wicked, witchy laughter).

In my first years I played with a lot of people and tried out many things. I am curious by nature, I love, love, love sex and I like to have fun. Did I say already that I love sex? Nowadays I have found some of the things that really fullfil me and I dive into those with less people but at a much deeper level. I don’t know yet what my desires will be in the future. I do think these changes in my desires keep SM interesting for me. SM is dear to me, I am an active volunteer and organiser for Wild Side, the Dutch women’s SM group. I have been their secretary for three years and I am busy closing down my third year as coordinator. I plan to take it easy a bit more because it has been a lot of work the last few years. I give workshops for Wild Side and other interested parties. Like for instance this or other conferences. Also I enjoy being a model during workshops other people give. In fact, I enjoy that very much.

My most important task in life though is to let butches and FtM’s know they are beautiful. I think I have done an okay job so far and I plan to stubbornly proceed in my sacred mission.