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Beyond ass and butt

by Kornelia and Angel

The wheres, whats and hows of impact play.
Kornelia and Angel will present this workshop for (prospective) impact players: tops, bottoms, switches are invited to explore instruments and techniques for beating, hitting, swatting…

• What can I or can my top use for hitting? – Toys from work bench, kitchen drawer and leather shop
• Where should I or my top hit? – safe areas, pleasure zones and risky regions
• How should I or my top beat? – Tips, techniques and tact
• Why in the world? – The (possible) implications of impact play
• And then? – How do I deal with the pain and how can my top support me (if she likes to :-))

After a brief introduction participants may try out instruments and techniques right up to singeltails. It is interesting not only for bottoms to feel the spectrum of sensations and pain can be administered and enjoyed on various parts of the body. Demo bottoming is very much appreciated. Bring your toys, if you have any and your questions.

Kornelia (Berlin, Germany)

BDSM has been the discovery of the century for me. First and foremost I consider myself a sadist and take lots of pleasure from beating others. My play partners should never be in a hurry, as I love scenes running over many hours, during which nearly every part of my play partner’s body gets acquainted with almost every toy. I regard a scene as perfect when both partners are physically and mentally exhausted and satisfied and when both players’ limits have been touched but not transgressed.

Angel (Munich, Germany)

Juvenile sources of inspiration: Jesus Christ Superstar sound track (the whipping scene), then pirate movies (the whipping scenes).
Initial contact with leather lifestyle: during Friday after-work-talks with the owner of a famous Munich leather shop, who hand-made her first set of restraints and flogger
Primal (aborted) scene: talked her girlfriend into flogging her, girlfriend overpowered her (yum!), threw flogger into a corner, left victim tied to the IKEA bed – end of bondage and relationship.
First actual scene: responded to the personal ad of a woman 20 years her senior, got a solid beating and fucking, and realized the woman was her former English teacher …
Interlude: Played the Rocky Horror Picture Show part of Frank’n’furter; secured the doors of several Munich’s dyke clubs, preferably in fierce outfits.
Comeback: Upon a decade of suppression dirty desires struck more strongly than ever, Angel came across Munich SM meeting, survived her first play party, co-organized Berlin Women’s SM Conference … to be cont’d