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Dominance & Submission – the Entire Palette

by Tania and Miraz

In this two-part workshop we would like to work on identifying different shades of D/S and what motivates us to explore them (Part I), and on the practical translation of these D/S nuances in the reality of our actual lives (Part II)

Part I – Mix & Match
That D/S appeals to you, is clear enough. But is your D/S also her D/S? Some colors attract us, some do not, some outlines are clear, some are not (yet?), we mix and match, and place our own personal emphasis – and for each of us a unique image arises…

What attracts you? How do you find out? Where does it pull you? What is driving you? How do you express what you wish for? Is your language rich enough for it? How do you make yourself clear? How do you show it?

Using exercises and (word) games, we would like to enrich the palette of D/S colors, and maybe we’ll even mix a few new colors.

You don't need to have experiences in the D/S palette to participate in this workshop only an open mind and your personal as well as positive interest in D/S.

Part II – Ideas in Practice
How can you translate your D/S desires & wishes into practice? During the Conference? Right now, today, tomorrow? In a relationship or in a one-time encounter? Can you “play” D/S? Can you negotiate it? Does it always have to be „love”? What do you need to get involved in something? How can we enjoy short moments of D/S?

Depending on the participants and their wishes, we would like to bring the ideas of Part I into our actual lives. In this second part of the workshop maybe a Gourmet – (slow) Dating will develop, or new ideas will arise in existing relationships. It is also possible we will exchange ideas about the possibilities and limitations of living D/S in various different forms of relationships.

To participate in this workshop you need to have participated in Part I of the workshop.

Tania (Leiden, the Netherlands)

In the middle of my 40’s now – with many years of S/M behind me in all sorts of relationships and in many different roles - I remain fascinated and trilled by the ever-changing landscape of my sexuality. Every time it flares up in me or runs deep like a current, every time it slumbers gently or hibernates in me, when it drives me like a predator, seduces me like a song, or bursts in me like laughter – I try to fully experience it. Afterwards, I observe it with respect and study it in astonishment. Such richness - who could have though that the body and mind would ever meet in such a delicious playground!

Miraz (Berlin, Germany)

As city-Amazon, liberated short-hair-femme with flower fetish and similarly in the middle of those enjoyable 40’s, I am professionally and privately passionately involved with learning processes. Communication and contact, touch and trust, power and human interactions ranging from profound conversation and conflicts to cooperation and evolvement, keep fascinating and inspiring me time and time again.

After I have earned myself a fancy SM honours medal through organising the last Berlin Easter Conferences (yes, I am „the-one-with-the-open-space-concept”), I can now dedicate myself in good conscience to those themes that please me profoundly…. – see above.