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Fire Play For The Beginner

by Phoenix B

This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of using torches for fire play. You will learn to make your own torch, what materials to use, how to use them, and related safety issues. You will also have the opportunity to feel the flame on your skin, or try it on someone else.

Level: Beginners

Beginning Japanese Rope Harness

by Phoenix B

This is a hands-on workshop designed to give everyone the basic information to create your own work of art in a rope harness that you can use immediately. You will learn to tie a body harness, or be tied in a harness. Please bring a 100’ length of rope from your local hardware store. It can be 5-10mm thick, cotton twisted, or hemp, or bondage rope but most any rope will work except polypropylene. Come with a partner or come alone, everyone will be paired up to try his or her hand at making a rope body harness.

Level: Beginners

Please bring: 100‘ length of cotton, hemp, or bondage rope, 5-10mm thickness.

Phoenix B (USA)

Phoenix made her “official” entrance into the Seattle BDSM community by joining the local SM Dyke club "Outer Limits" in 1986. From there she quickly went on to become a coordinator in that organization until it closed in the mid-90's. Phoenix became the co-founder/producer of the well-known and highly-regarded Wicked Womyn SM conferences in Seattle. She also served as a coordinator for the Powersurge Conferences as well.

Phoenix has taught many workshops across the country on play piercing, cutting, suturing, fire play, blood drawing, flogging, and Japanese rope harness. Phoenix also loves “hooks” and has participated in many energy pulls and suspensions. Some of the events she served include Women at Leather Pride - Amsterdam, Schmacht! - Berlin, SM Dykes - Manchester England, Dark Odyssey - Baltimore, Lesbian Sex Mafia - New York, Thunder In The Mountains - Denver, Pacific Friction - Portland, Southwest Leather Conference – Phoenix, and in Seattle: PowerSurge, Seattle Women of Leather, The Wetspot, C-Space, Kinky Carnival, and the Blood Faire.

She believes it is not only important for her to share her knowledge about SM techniques but also to listen and learn from others as well. She has many interests, but motorcycle riding and service bois are her favorite. She identifies as a Top, Sir, and Daddy, and she has a particular fondness for having her boots shined.