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Scenes for more than two

by Frl. Rottenmeier

BDSM is not limited to the constellations “top and bottom” or “sadist and masochist” - very often more than two persons are involved in scenes. Scenes for more than two can mean more satisfaction and pleasure – if the setting is right.

This workshop is based on a very special preference of the presenter, who has collected vast experience with all kinds of group scenes. Among many others she addresses the following issues and questions:

The fifth wheel?
Changes and pitfalls that come along with a more players

“You are so mean!”
Possible constellations and dynamics

Mutiny on the Bounty or Holidays on a farm
how to develop the perfect scenario

Open to all experience levels.
Please bring: lots of creative energy. :-)

Frl. Rottenmeier (Berlin, Germany)

Frl. Rottenmeier has taught SM workshops for more than 15 years, all over Germany, in Austria; at WALP/WildSide in Amsterdam; SMOdyssey in San José; Wicked Women in Seattle; Women’s SM Conference in Manchester; Leather Retreat and Dark Odyssey in Maryland, U.S.A.

She cannot imagine a life without S/M. She recalls a slightly inadequate reaction to the saints’ martyrdom and still draws on the rituals of her catholic childhood. Today her credo is “Better scenes for everybody!”

Frl. Rottenmeier cultivates a full-blown negotiation fetish and is convinced that communication before, during and after scenes is the truly interesting aspect of SM. Besides she is a mean sadist and a fastidious Madame, Mother Superior or teacher. ;-)

In 1997 she was invited to the founding event of SchMacht!, the German network for woman-to-woman SM (www.schmacht.org) and has been an active member ever since.

In 1998, she started to organize play parties, from 1998-2005 she hosted the annual Women's SM conference in Berlin.

The accomplished trainer’s goal is a learning experience that lasts. Interactive methods such as brainstorming, games, team exercises and discussion are key ingredients of her workshops.