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10 Rules for Happy Non-Monogamy

by Andrea Zanin, a.k.a. Sex Geek

So you’d like to be romantically involved with more than one person at once? Or maybe you’d just like to sleep with someone other than your one-and-only? Whether you’re considering your first steps into non-monogamy or you’re an old hand looking for a fresh perspective, you’ll find valuable tidbits in this common-sense approach to enjoying love and sex in the plural. This is an interactive workshop with lots of room for beginners and experienced poly folk alike to share their questions and experiences.

Body Play: Creating Erotic Scenes

by Andrea Zanin, a.k.a. Sex Geek

Creating Erotic Scenes: The body is an exquisite instrument… and we can all become better players! In this workshop, we’ll talk about ways to tune into your partner during the opening notes of your scenes, look at how different areas of the body hold different emotions, and learn techniques for tapping into those emotions. Then, it’s time to play! We’ll look at fun ways to use your hands, arms, legs, torso, feet, mouth and other body parts to create sensual SM symphonies that can range from gentle to challenging. This is an interactive workshop; you’ll be encouraged to ask questions, share your experiences and contribute your ideas.

Andrea Zanin (Toronto, Canada)

a.k.a. Sex Geek, pretty much writes and talks about sex all the time unless she’s eating, sleeping or having it. She lives in Toronto, Canada and is an organizer, educator and writer within the queer, polyamory and BDSM communities, as well as being an active trans ally.

With an academic background in women’s studies and sexuality studies, she frequently speaks about alternative sexuality for universities, colleges, sex shops, community groups and conferences in Canada and the States. Andrea also comments on alternative-sexuality news and politics in a variety of media including the “Montreal Mirror” and the “Toronto Xtra!”, as well as obsessively blogging at http://sexgeek.wordpress.com

On the side, she writes erotic fiction and pursues her studies in the field of sexuality.