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Bondage – an introduction

by Sössa

No bondage without knots.
No success without basic knowledge.
No fun without basic rules.
Whether you see ropes as a fetish, or just want to tie someone to a post, or you want to learn japanese bondage or render someone motionless: if you want bondage to be fun some basics are important.

In this workshop you'll get:

• basic information about bondage
• information about the legal situation
• safety tips
• instructions on how to avoid injury
• knowledge about basic knots

Please do bring your own ropes. If you (still) don't have your own you can borrow some in the workshop. We'll learn playfully, won't leave out the theory and surely not the fun!

I like to work with hemp ropes (6 mm thick) and cotton ropes (8 mm thick), at least 6 meters in length. To tie up somebody quickly shorter ropes work as well, but they should be at least 3 meters in length.


Since many years I occupy myself in theory and practice with the female sexuality, education and safer sex, sexuality and art as well as BDSM which for me is just a logical follow-up to all of this. Thirty years ago, I experienced bondage for the first time, accompanied by lots of excitement, fun und luck! I like to play and I feel too diverse to just stick to one role only. Right now I enjoy being a top, sir ... and love to play with D/S. I think it is important to share knowledge with others and to learn from each other's experiences.