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Bondage – Spielraum

by toyboy and as „ropebunny“ and co-moderator devfantasy

“How to attach this piece of rope to that beam? Help! I’m running out of rope!” “Curled into a ball or widely pulled apart?”

This is a workshop on applied bondage techniques. Apart from learning only certain isolated elements I want to point out how these techniques can work within different rooms and various kinds of scenes. We will take a playful approach to bondage and I’m asking participants to respect each others’ experience and style of ropework. In the second part of the workshops there will be time for you to practice new tricks and old favourites.

Advanced level, you will enjoy this workshop when you have a basic understanding of bondage.

Please bring your own rope and a blanket or a trick towel, if you need one.


FtM, pansexual, switch, I have always been fascinated with rope and I love the connection created by ropework.