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Ouch...MMM! Temporary Piercing Workshop 101

by Xray Aims (introductory level)

Piercing flesh can be any combination of incredibly erotic, intimate, painful, beautiful and brutal. Have you been curious about temporary piercing but didn't know where to start? Playing with needles is fun but getting started can be daunting. This workshop will cover where to find the materials to start, safe play for piercer and piercee, proper preparation of the skin, how to set up a clean and safe play area, and how to safely pierce flesh. We'll discuss the experience for piercer and piercee and the pain, pleasure and possible art of it all. This workshop will be hands-on with piercing fruit first and move on to piercing people. Each person who wants to experience piercing and/or being pierced will have the opportunity to do so.

Ouch...MMM! Temporary Piercing Workshop 102

by Xray Aims (intermediate level)

This workshop assumes that participants have an introductory level knowledge of and experience with temporary piercing. Though we'll quickly cover materials, procurement, methods, safety etc. our main focus will an overview of sensation play, artistic explorations, multiple needle work, more advanced piercing locations, tension play, piercing for longer durations with live demonstrations.

Xray Aims

Xray Aims is a Boston, MA based performance artist, temporary piercer and BDSM educator. The fight between beauty and pain and the intrigue of breaching the delicate envelope that holds the body together are what lead Xray to this work. Combining these issues and interests with the built environment is what brings this work to public space. Xray Aims has degrees in Art and Architecture and many years of design experience which influence the work produced. Some of the work produced uses the body as a canvas, some create installations in galleries, some are narrative performances with multiple players and some work is created specifically for the camera. Aims learned temporary piercing from Midori in mid-2003 and through consultations with Aimee Ross/The Bearded Lady. Xray Aims performs and teaches in the US, Canada and Europe.

Contact: xrayaims@gmail.com and http://www.truthserum.org/xrayaims

Xray Aims has performed solo and with collaborators at (partial list):

Deitch Studios in Long Island City on Friday July 18, 2008
Rose Live Music in Williamsburg/Brooklyn NY June 3, 2007
Ram Rod Boston, MA March 24, 2007
PURE Brighton, MA. November 10, 2006
Yes Yes Alliance in Olympia, WA March 8, 2006
Center For Sex and Culture, SF, CA March 15, 2006
Femina Potens SF, CA March 16, 2006
Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA August 5, 2005
Galapagos in Brooklyn, NY July 19, 2005
NYC MIXfest NYC, NY April 10, 2005
WoW Cafe Theater NYC, NY April 24, 2004