Auction of Goods & Services

Have you ever been to an Auction? Do you like the sound of "Going once, going twice..... and we have a Buyer!" Do you like the thrill of wondering what nice pieces are for sale? Or have you never been to an Auction, but you like the exicitement of a getting a good bargain?

Have you secretly fantasized about being the pretty young slave-girl being sold of to the mean big Top, or about being the wealthy Lady or Gentleman in the front row who buys a "personal service" exactly to their pleasing? Then this is the night for you!

The Play Party on Friday will be opened with an Auction of "Goods & Services" that takes place in the big Hall at the Avalon.

Goods will be collected beforehand by the organizers, so if you have some attractive goods you would like to donate to the Auction, please notify the Conference organization team by mail and bring the object to the Auction at least 30 minutes before it starts.

A personal service can be any kind of special activity you would like to donate, it can be a bondage session, cooking a nice dinner, a boot blacking, a foot worship, a lap dance, an erotic massage, a photo session, cleaning someones house in a tutu or washing their car in coveralls.... anything that might please one of the people in the audience. If you are considering offering a personal services for sale, please come and meet the auctioneer(s) in the Auction Hall between 18:00 and 19:00 hours. Please be early, for this is the only time to register your service!