General Information

This year, the conference will take place 2nd-05th April 2010.


As in previous years, it will be possible to volunteer helping during the conference (doing bar or cleaning shifts and the like) and qualify for a reduced entry fee. Please opt for "workshift" in the registration form if interested.


We are looking for mentors for all those who would perhaps not dare to go the conference alone, who for their first conference are looking for someone who will take them by the hand. A mentor is someone who is familiar with the scene, who can explain what might be in store for you, who may also be able to help, when you want to talk to that fantastic woman over there. Someone who is at your side, who gives you an overview of what´s going on, sometimes comforts you, encourages and prods you. And also someone who wants to have their own fun at the conference, so not someone who is available round the clock. Here also we trust that you can come to clear arrangements. ;-)

If you want to be a mentor or if you are looking for a mentor, send an e-mail to: