Call for Workshops

This year, we put the responsibility of the conference in your hands by inviting all of you to submit workshops and other events.

We welcome workshops on all themes related to your very personal experience with BDSM, and if you tie in or include the theme "Development" that is even better. You could also take last year's topics as a starting point. Discuss your workshop ideas with your friends, in person, on the phone or on the schmacht forum. Look for look for partners in crime, make contact with like minded people. Let your brains cells glow and have fun in the process. Start developing, trying things out, formulating, or just fiddling around. Cover your flat wall's with your drafts. We are looking forward to see your ideas!

Workshop registration

If and when you have your workshop topic, and maybe (co-)moderators, we need the following information from you:

(Just copy this into an email, fill it out and send it to )

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Title of Workshops/Events:

Type of Workshop/Event:
e.g. Hands-On Workshop, Discussion Round, Presentation, Open Meeting, ....

Objective of Workshop:
Please describe in one sentence what the workshop's objective is (e.g. "Experience exchange wih hair bondage", or "the participants should be able, after the workshop, to hit very precisely with the singletail"...)

Name(s) of moderator/instructor:

Contact email(s):

Short biography of person(s) leading the workshop, in what theme is concerned:

Target audience or desired discussion counterparts :
This is the appropriate place to inform if, e.g., the workshop is suitable for beginners or if previous experience is necessary/helpful, or if discussion participants should have a specific previous experience.

The conference will be divided in blocks of 2h each, of which 90-105 min are dedicated to a workshop itself, and the rest is a break. If you have if you have particular timing needs that differ from the recommended guidelines, here is the place to announce it.

Desired day:
Please let us know if you are unavailable at certain times or can be flexible, in order to simplify our planning process.

Complete description:
An extensive description of the workshop/event.

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Workshop submissions which reach us before the end of February, will be posted on the website in early March. We will do our best to advertise and accommodate later submissions, including those made during the conference itself.

If our finantial frame allows for it, we will provide reduced entry fees to workshop moderators/instructors. We are aware that specially for "professional" instructors this is not an attractive payment. We hope however, that this model enables something different:

  • you have the opportunity to be experimental, take risks, navigate new and uncharted themes.
  • it is possible - room avaliability permitting - to have a lot of workshops. Moreoever, you can team up with others to prepare workshops without us organizers worrying about how to pay you all.
  • There is no difference between "invitational" and "spontaneous" workshops. All workshops will be provided by the participants, the conference will be supported by the community as a whole.

we accept no responsibility for workshop content or themes. If it piques your interest and is BDSM related then it is suitable for the conference. We reserve the right to refuse workshops, if we have concerns about the legality of content or if we perceive the SS&C principle not being upheld.