01.04.2010 - Program updated

Last night we've pushed a new version of the workshop descriptions online. Now all translations are complete and we included Em's text after clarifying issues around recording the workshop. You don't need to print them though, as you'll receive a copy at registration. There have been no changes to the schedule, which will be issued at registration as well. See you all tonight or tomorrow latest! Devlin + Doro

30.03.2010 - Honey & Spice ist natürlich Montag!

OOOps. Auf der Freunde-Seite korrigiert.

31.03.2010 - Shopping Info Online!

The friendly donors for our Auction: Shopping

30.03.2010 - Honey & Spice ist natürlich Montag!

OOOps. Auf der Freunde-Seite korrigiert.

27.03.2010 - 3 Playparties independent of the conference

As there have been some requests, I've collected the three playpartys which you can attend independently of a conference registration: see Events by Friends.

25.03.2010 - Workshop Program Online

you'll find it here.

20.03.2010 - Auction Announcement online, Program

The announcement of the auction is online!

We are still working on the program and hope to get it online mid next week.

21.02.2010 - Confirmation emails are out

Finally, the confirmation emails (and "we are waiting for your payment...") emails are out. Everyone registered and on the waiting list should have received one. For reference, here are the news announced in the mail:


The meet & greet - or, if you please, the first playparty - will take place in the Equipage. There is a special entrance fee for conference participants, which you find in the emails.


To have enough Time for the Auction, we adapted the time schedule for friday.

On the auction, things and services will be sold. We are looking forward to your donations!

It would be great to have some cake at the "Registration Cafe" on friday. If you volunteer to bake one (or two or three....), please contact us at


Sabine and Kaj will take fotos *before* the kinky dinner this year, to be able to enjoy the evening themselves. Thus, we slightly adapted the schedule.

Please note that taking fotos is forbidden on all night events (Play Partys and Kinky Dinner) besides that, and during the day is only allowed if all people on the foto gave permission and agree on the planned usage of the foto, which automatically excludes fotos of large groups in workshops etc.


Many of you have sent us their workshop ideas with the registration. Please remember to email us the complete workshop proposals as described in the call for workshops..

last not least, there will be news on the web site from time to time, so, check it regularly!

Doro, Shorty + Devlin

21.02.2010 - Waiting List closed

This year, the conference was already booked out on 21:00 the same day, 11 hours after registration started. The Waiting List contains more than 40 people, 4 already got in due to cancellations. Thus, we'll remove the registration form.

07.02.2010 - Registration and Facebook Group

Registration starts in a few minutes (10 a.m. Berlin time)!
I've created a facebook group to discuss things, especially workshop ideas beforehand. Come and join it!
But please... consider your privacy concerns doing this. Joining the group may give colleagues or family members a lead on what you're up to for easter...

02.02.2009 - More Informations about the Kinky Dinner online

Venetian Night – Get in the mood with all of your senses. There will be half vegetarian and half non-vegetarian food. If you need or want anything special, email us:

26.01.2009 - There will be an auction!

Friday, at the beginning of the Playparty in Avalon, an auction will take place. So, start thinking which services and goods you could have auctioned. The revenue will revert in favour of, in this order, this year's and next year's conference, or a project in the queer scene still to be chosen.

24.01.2009 - What is new this year?

This year the Conference will take place from 02.-05. April, in Berlin.
The significant innovation introduced this year is the Call for Workshops, which gives all of you the opportunity to submit workshops for the conference. Apart from that, most will be quite similar to last year, especially the general schedule and event locations. We are especially happy to have again the opportunity to invite you in the Residenz Avalon for the play parties.

What's also new: this year some parts of the conference are organized by individual people: the play parties will be organized by Eva and Wiebke, and the Kinky Dinner and the Brunch by Monika.

We are delighted to welcome you in Berlin!

Doro, Shorty and Devlin