Kinky Dinner

Venetian Night – Get in the mood with all of your senses

Enjoy a delicious dinner in an erotic atmosphere – figures clad in finest leather, latex, velvet and silk, eyes drifting hungrily over plates and bodies. Is that princess accompanied tonight or is she open to play – and maybe her companion as well?

Are those three gentlemen part of a bigger role play and will therefore experience some pleasant surprises tonight? What does the little devil do with the pope on that table? Where does that smacking and moaning originate from?

Secret wishes, fantasies not yet acted out – hidden behind a mask – a shell – stimulating ideas and imagination – and later – maybe – some of it will be experienced, forced and of one's own free will.

All that pleases is permitted!

Lord, majesty, princess, pope, (little) devil, wild vixen, maid, servant, farm hand or gentlewoman: all participants will be offered maximum freedom to express themselves, everybody will be treated with the utmost respect. Still, anyone who will act too outrageously will have to suffer the consequences!

A mask hides one's “true” face and allows to slip into new roles. Tonight, everyone will be able to experience what it feels like to not be detected and be perceived in the evening's chosen role. Whether it's only a mask to hide your eyes or a beak mask or a mask with feathers, a mask disguising all of your features or just glasses cut out of cloth – bought or crafted by your own hands – everything is possible.

Let your imagination run free and surprise us as well as yourself in your choice of clothing with your distinct note. Tailcoat, tuxedo, suit, bold fashion styles, dangerous loincloth, slutty nothings, classy cocktail dress or flamboyant SM outfit, modest frock or dramatic appearance everything will be welcome and appreciated.

But please do take in consideration in choosing your mask if wearing glasses, distinct speech and intake of food should be ensured or if you would prefer to blindly keep silent for the whole night, to mumble or to stay hungry. If intended it will be fine with us, of course.

Just as last year, the staff of Cum Laude will take care of all your extravagant wishes.

Enjoy and dance as the whim takes you!

And – again just as last year – you will have the opportunity to have your picture taken (alone or in a group setting) in a private room.

Important notice: entrance will only be permitted with ticket, correct password and mask - punctuality will be highly appreciated!

We assume that you know and respect the well established play rules!

A meeting ahead of the kinky dinner might stimulate bigger as well as smaller role plays. Last minute ideas for masks and dating tips and tricks for the timid ones can be exchanged.

         19:30 pm: welcome drink (orange juice or sparkling wine); foto shooting for those interested
         20:30: opening of the abundant and frivolous buffet