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Residence Avalon – the place for our playparties

The Avalon lies directly on the river Havel and apart from the many rooms inside, also has an outdoor play area (if the weather plays along – in Berlin at Easter anything from frost to hot weather is possible).

Luckily, the inside rooms can be played in regardless of the weather and offer many possibilities to live out your fantasies. Those who always wanted to play the naughty schoolgirl being punished by the strict teacher can enjoy themselves in the classroom. Rooms for fans of clinic games are also provided. Then there´s a dressing-up/changing room and – for more intimate moments – a room with bed with iron bars.

Before going down into the vaults, the bar area is worth a mention, where apart from drinks and comfortable chairs, a buffet will be provided. Through another room with varied play equipment (cross, flogging horse etc.) you come via a staircase into a large hall which offers lots of room for frolicsome to captivating scenes.

A small, inconspicuous door, is the entrance to the already mentioned vaults. All sorts of eyebolts let into the walls invite you to hang around, a cell block lets prison fantasies come true...

Especially important for lovers of high heels: as there are cobble stones on the way to the Avalon, we strongly recommend you to not put on your beloved shoes before you get into the Avalon and to rely on more sturdy shoes for getting there.


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