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The Easter Conferences are in existence since 1999 (see more about its history here). We don't want to change much this year, and for those who have been to a conference before, you can skip to What's new this year?

What is the same as last year?

The Conference Schedule just changes in little things. There will be two days of the actual conference , two Playparties, a Kinky Dinner and as a Round-Up or to say good-bye the Brunch on Monday. As in the last year, a couple of before-, after-, and in-between Parties have evolved: The Meet&Greet on Thursday night in the Equipage, a Honey&Spice Playparty in the Quälgeist on Monday and furthermore the Experiment-Team is using the free Saturday to have a Play Party in the Residenz Avalon. On Friday we'll welcome you to the registration and some early workshops in the Schwulenberatung; the Mentors/Mentees-Program is also launched there, as well as the Speedmating. The Venues are, except for the Kinky Dinner and Brunch, the same as last year.

As last year, we are organizing the whole Conference in three Sub-Teams.

The Play Rules are the same, too.

What's new this year?

We are going to change the registration procedure in two aspects: as the conference was booked out within a day last year, but about 25 people cancelled again allowing 25 others coming in via the waiting list, we allow more direct registrations this year, counting on about the same amount of people cancelling, to ease planning both for you and us. Meaning also, that only if more people than anticipated cancel the waiting list will be used.

The second thing we're going to change is pricing. We won't couple reductions with the workshifts anymore, but still offering the same amount of reduced places as last year for those who can't afford to come otherwise. Also, we've introduced a sliding scale, asking those who can to pay a bit more to create more reduced spots for those who can't.

Offering a conference for a low fee that basically just covers the expenses is only possible with lots of unpaid work of us organizers. Therefore, we ask each partipant this year to help on the conference itself for about 2 hours. Please let us know which kind of tasks you're able to do, such that we can plan the workshifts properly.

The Conference will have three different formats this year: One part will be a BarCamp where you can create your own conference. Then there will be a Dojo where you can practice your SM Skills, and last not least we've invited some few workshop presenters. die Gelegenheit geben, den Inhalt selbst zu gestalten.

Last not least, Friday night will be a bit different: Instead of a cultural program the official conference opening will be at the beginning of the first play party in the Avalon Residence, including Dossie Eastons "The Blessing of the Toys - Dungeon opening ceremony".

To get your email address on the list that gets the annual announcement, please send an email to konferenzliste@schmacht.org.