A barcamp is a self organized conference. Workshops/ themes of the day will be decided together in a daily meeting in the morning. You can already send us proposals for workshops - these can also be discussion rounds or things you want to learn yourself. The actual planning will be made on the day itself on the conference.

You can read more about BarCamp at Wikipedia or on

Workshops proposals so far:

by Laura Meritt

G-Spot and Female Ejaculation. Where is this female prostate, how does  it look like and how does it flow? Is it possible for all women? And  where is the coming out of the female flow?  Sexpert Laura Méritt will tell and show you the river of joy.

by Moira 

The workshops is aimed at beginners and to those looking for alternative ways of playing with wax. By the end of the workshops participants should be aware of the risks and safety issues when playing with different forms of wax and be able to confidently use wax in play.

A candlelit encounter with wax. Often wax play is a few carefully dropped drips of molten wax as a part of a scene. The workshop will show you how you can build on this and turn it into the centrepiece. The workshop will cover the basics of safety and introduce various types of wax and ways of using wax in play whether it be part of a scene or the whole scene. There will also be plenty of opportunity to create your own masterpiece

A Pinch and a Punch: Giving Pain With Your Hands and Feet

“A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.  A slap and a kick for being so quick.” (Traditional folk saying)

Forgotten your playbag?  Want to play but can’t afford expensive toys?  This workshop is the answer!   Hockney will demonstrate various rough body play techniques for pinching, punching, slapping and kicking.  You’ll have the chance to try them out too.  No fancy equipment necessary!  

This is a very practical workshop so be prepared to join in.  It’s not necessary to have a partner as we can pair people up in the workshop.  In addition, the workshop will address physical safety issues around rough body play as well as some of the emotional and cultural issues surrounding this kind of violent play.  It is aimed primarily at those curious about exploring rough body play but experienced players are very welcome to come and share their knowledge and experiences.

Photography & D/s workshop
by Yishay Garbasz

This is both a photography workshop as well as an exploration of photography’s role power dynamics. In taking a picture there are issues of power and relationship. We will explore D/s aspects of photography in a conscious as well as playful way. This is a very hands-onworkshop. no photography experience or even a camera required. We will work on some photographic framing techniques and build up towards using the D/s aspects of photography. We will explore the ways of power dynamics and the use of a camera.

2 hours and 12-16 people. if half have cameras that’s good (point and shoot is perfect). the emphasis is not on photographic technicalities but of conceptual clarity. Unless clearly negotiated and agreed upon in writing all photos made in the workshop must be deleted at the end of the workshop to protect the privacy of the participants.

About Yishay Garbasz: Yishay Garbasz was born in 1970 and studied photography at Bard College in New York. She is a Berlin-based British-Israeli artist whose work delves deeply into social and political issues of identity, agency, human rights, and the construction of gender. She has exhibited widely in solo shows in galleries, museums, and photography festivals around the world. Becoming was installed as a zoetrope with 28 images in the 2010 Busan Biennale in Korea. Garbasz's In My Mother's Footsteps (Hatje Cantz, 2009), a riveting contemporary journey through her mother's survival of the Holocaust, was nominated for the German photo book prize and exhibited at Wako Works of Art, Ronald Feldman Fine Art, Norderlicht fotofestival, Chiang Mai Museum of Art, and Tokyo Wonder Site.

Sense and Sensuality of Negotiation
Frl. Rottenmeier

Eroticism begins in the mind. For us as BDSMers, this is more than obvious. As soon as we live out our own fantasies with others, their desires, ideas, motivation, ethics, expectations and opinions come into play. Good to know what they are.

So let’s just ask!

To compare notes before a scene raises anticipation, expands the common territory, inspires to new variations and lessens the risk of us hurting each other (in an unpleasant way). If we don’t perceive negotiation as a ticking off of wish lists, but really immerse ourselves in it, it can be fucking sexy, too!

This workshop will be held in German.

Frl. Rottenmeier has taught SM workshops for more than 15 years, in Germany as well as abroad (WALP/WildSide; Manchester Women’s SM Conference; SMOdyssey, Wicked Women, Dark Odyssey and Desire in the U.S.).

She cannot imagine a life without S/M. She recalls a slightly inadequate reaction to the saints’ martyrdom and still draws on the rituals of her catholic childhood. Today her credo is “Better scenes for everybody!”

Frl. Rottenmeier cultivates a full-blown negotiation fetish and is convinced that communication before, during and after scenes is the truly interesting aspect of SM. Besides she is a mean sadist and a fastidious Madame, Mother Superior or teacher. ;-)

In 1997 she was invited to the founding event of SchMacht!, the German network for woman-to-woman SM. In 1998, she started to organize play parties, from 1998-2005 she hosted the Women's SM conference in Berlin.

Frl. Rottenmeier’s goal as a trainer is for everybody to take away as much as possible. With methods such as brainstorming, games, teamwork and discussion her workshops are anything but dreary lectures. Questions? Frl.Rottenmeier at

kinky playground – roleplay with power structures

first we’ll have a brief brainstorming on what role-playing can be and will be for you on this day.
how to integrate your desires and limits into your role.
you’ll think of what you’d most like to be in the game to come.
and whether you’ll be top or bottom.
which shade of gender suits you most (just now).
the workshop setting offers safety and limits at the same time.
and then we’ll create interaction that combines all these desires, curiosities – in short: our play instinct that we can live out a bit.
d/s, sadomasochism, age play… everything is very welcome!

this workshop should encourage everybody to try things out. and anyone who already has experience may discover new aspects and varieties of play. sure, it’s just a little kick-off. even me – playful as I am – expect to find new inspiration and have a lot of fuuuuun!

If you already know who you’d like to be, you are welcome to bring along accessories for your “persona”!

Bondage and Shiatsu

I have been trained to be a Shiatsu Therapist a long time ago - and although I do not practice, the Shiatsu training has influenced the way I play. In this workshop I want to give a first try at actually teaching bondage and Shiatsu together; with a clear emphasis on the Bondage of course.