Barcamp, Dojo and Invited Presenters

This year the conference will have three parts: a BarCamp, a dojo (open event-room) and a few invited presenters.

Our main question in our brainstorming process was: Is it possible to invite well known presenters like Dossie Easton and at the same time to expect the participants to create their own program in a BarCamp? We think: YES! So we will try it out.

Our thoughts: the Berlin Easter Conference is a low budget event. There will never be appropriate payment for presenters (and neither for the organizers ;)) in this kind of do-it-yourself conferences, or otherwise the conference would cost 5-10 times more than what it costs today. Last year we paid out the left overs to the presenters which was a little recompense for their engagement. To keep the price/ entrance fee low we don't calculate this in from the beginning.

A do-it-yourself- event like a barcamp (sometimes called also "open-space", like used in some previous conferences) has another quality than workshops from paid presenters. This gives e.g. the opportunity to explore new and unknown themes and topics for which there aren't even presenters yet. On the other side it is a pleasure to attend a workshop presented by someone who has years of experience in their topic.

We want both: therefore we've invited Dossie Easton and Phoenix. We want to attend their workshops ourselves and we want to give you the opportunity to get to know them (and their work) as well. Both of them don't want to be paid for their workshops, they just get a subsidy to their travel costs.