Kinky Dinner

Kinky Dinner: Berlin's Underworlds (beginning 1900 till the early 1920ies)

Come on in, welcome – yes, you, get yourself in here and you can see that guttersnipe feeling up the toff's ass … Come on in, take a good look around, there are things here, the like of which you haven't seen before! Everyone's here: the whore has the sailor eating out her hand as the Mayor watches and serenades. For just one penny Claire will dance for you, for two she'll let you grab her cleavage. The boys peer under skirts and as a lady of the classy sort ventures in, the hoodlums and crooks get ready and eagerly rub their hands, but the bulldagger is quicker and snaps up that beauty. Lounge singers plying the latest songs risk a slap across the face. While someone reclines comfortably at a table, another takes her place beneath it – every Jack will find his or her Jill and at the end of the evening everyone – whether top or bottom – will be satisfied, for it will have been delightfully sleazy.

We'd like to dine with you old Berlin style. Whether in uniform and spiked helmet („pickelhaube“), in shirtsleeves, if with a low-cut decolleté or allowing no glimpse of cleavage at all, wether in knickerbockers or suit, as revue dancer, whore, porter, bagman, mug, bulldagger, street urchin … be inspired by Berlin's famous artist Zille and let's enjoy a very special kinky dinner.