Mentoring: A Little Help For Conference Newbies

Meet other conference newbies as well as old hands: everyone remembers their first time, the many insecurities and the courage it took to enter the fray anyway. We'd like to reward that courage and give you a little help for your conference experience, answer your questions, calm your nerves and generally be there as contact persons during the conference. So if you are experiencing this wonderful conference for the first time, we'll give you a first overview and you will get to know the other newbies – and if you are an old hand and like to share your knowledge, join in and help start them off.

Please note in the registration form if you want to be a mentor or mentee.

Or just show up at the Mentor/Mentee get together on Friday.

Play-off - Game to Break the Ice

Friday, 16-17 during Registration
Frl. Rottenmeier

See what other conference guests have on their twisted minds and find like-minded (or fascinatingly different) perverts - for hot scenes/inspiring chats during the coming days+nights.


Schwulenberatung – the conference center

Berlin's gay counselling center „Schwulenberatung“ will open its doors for the conference and its workshops. On two floors (yes, there is an elevator) we will have room enough to meet, to exchange experiences, to learn from each other, to have fun and simply to enjoy the conference. For all the days of the conference the gay counselling center is ours and we're looking forward to welcome you there.

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The conference Play Parties on Friday and Sunday will be at Avalon Residence. For the location and all other Play Locations see the Playparty Page

Kinky Dinner and Brunch

Kinky Dinner and Brunch will be in the
Brauhaus Südstern
Hasenheide 69
10967 Berlin


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