• MARCH 1ST 2015

    Kinky highlights at the  Easter Conference

    The last big decisions for the Easter Conference have been made, and we are very excited, to let you know about a few more events that will take place.

    Friday evening we will open the show with a ceremony for the Community Award. With the award we like to thank individual people for their long commitment to our community. Its an evening to celebrate our being together and to remember who we are and where we come from.

    Saturday evening we then invite all of you to a medieval Castle Feast. There will be food, games, dancing and fun and we hope you all show up in costume and a wicked mind.

    To top this of, there will be a market place set up throughout the conference. Bring toys you no longer need to give away, swap or sell. Make other people happy with fancy clothes, which no longer suit you. Let someone shine your shoes or polish them for another person. Have your portrait drawn or just watch all that is going on.

  • JANUARY 15TH 2015

    The first information about the registration is now online

    There are some new developments on the Easter Conference Website :)

    Starting today, you can find the information how to register from February 1st 2015 onward. You will also find news on the different types of tickets and, of course, what the whole thing will cost.

    We also measured the conference venue and tried to compile the information about the location, the lighting, the acoustics and the measurements into one document. You find a PDF here, it is unfortunately in German only, but if need be, we are happy to translate it. We hope it helps you evaluate, how high the barriers might be for you. If you have further questions or, even better, suggestions what we could do, so you could participate, we be happy to hear!

    Have fun reading, good luck for a hopefully not too difficult registration process and a belated happy new year!

    Your Easter-organizers Kaj and sofarbi

  • JANUARY 01ST 2015

    With the beginning of the New Year you can check out the new website

    We pulled a lot of nightshifts and here it is! Have fun clicking your way through the info!

    Without the help of our two translators and of course the workshop-fairy this could have not happened – so many thanks to Star848, flujo and Kiracat. You are great and your patience coupled with the willingness to work last-minute was wonderful!

    We are talkative people, so we had a lot to say – please excuse the amount of text. We hope that we managed to address the basic questions about the conference venue, the workshops, the work-shifts or the conference policy. Added to this we also wanted to address those of you, who take the courage and come to the conference for the first time. A warm welcome to all newbies!

    The most amazing thing is, that all presenters handed in their workshops on time. Due to this we are now able to provide an overview on all workshops that will happen (only the short description is online, longer will be printed in the conference flyer). Applause to all the presenters – you are incredible! We think the programme is stunning and are so looking forward to all of you!

  • DECEMBER 27TH 2014

    We have wonderful news – Midori from San Francisco will be at the Easter Conference!!!

    Midori writes kinky columns and non-fiction books and holds fantastic workshops on BDSM and sexuality world-wide. She is known for her humorous and warm seminars that help people to express their sexuality and to discover themselves. For many years she travels around the world, engages with queer communities and raises funds for HIV research. You can find more about Midori at

    At the Easter Conference Midori will host five workshops. Since we want to give all of you the chance to experience Midori live, everyone can sign up for one of her workshops when registering for the conference.


48 hours after its start, the registration is – to our own surprise – already over. All tickets are gone. If you have unfortunately missed the registration, ask our register fairy to put you on the waiting list.

Registration Info

We know, it is a lot of information. But please read the following text carefully, as we are sure that it answers most questions you might have. If not, please do not write to the email of the main organizers, but turn to our friendly register fairy at


As stated in the rules, we welcome all adult women, lesbian, trans*, and inter who have experienced female socialization at some point in their lives and who feel they belong to the lesbian BDSM scene.


Registration will start on February 1st, 2015 at 12:00 and ends on February 28th, 2015. Later registrations are possible until March 20th, but the price then goes up to 200. The number of tickets is limited and first come, first served. There is a waiting list in case all 240 tickets actually sell out. If you want to be on the waiting list please send an e-mail to

Please do us a favor and always register just one person. We need to know who does what work shift and who is behind what ticket!

As before, we would also like to be able to welcome participants with lower income. This is only made possible by donations! In previous years we had solidarity tickets; this year it is possible to book a donation on top of any kind of ticket. We hope that this will enable people with average incomes to also donate a small amount. The money goes directly to those participants who have little or no money! Therefore, we cannot repeat it often enough – donate, donate, donate! Show your solidarity with those who have less money than you!


To register you will need to do 6 things:


1. The registration takes place online, via an external service provider.

In the yellow box, on the left side of this page, you can find the registration link and the necessary data from February 1st. Please go to the registration website and log in.


2. Book a ticket and at least two shifts.

Without two shifts, your registration is not valid. Each work shift is briefly explained, so that you can choose a type of work and time slot that suits you. Who takes on which work within the working team can be decided individually on the spot.


3. Please show solidarity and donate money!

If your finances allow, select a donation of 10, 20 or 40 Euro on top of your ticket, or combine two donations, so that you donate 30 or 50 Euro. 40 Euro finance a discount ticket – the more donations there are, the more discounted tickets we are able to offer.


4. Select a Midori workshop.

Once you've booked a ticket, signed up for the shifts and made a donation, you can choose a workshop from Midori. Everyone can only register for one Midori workshop so that everyone has a chance to participate. So please, book only one. Of course, if you do not want to attend a workshop from Midori, you do not select one.


5. Give us some information about yourself that will help us to provide for your needs.

We need an e-mail address, your conference name and some information about the languages you speak and the food you eat.


After steps 1-5 you get an e-mail with your order number, the exact amount you will need to transfer and bank account details.


6. Transfer the money as soon as possible!

We need to pay for the space and some other stuff in advance, and for this we need your money. In addition, your registration is only binding after the transfer. All your money needs to be in our account on February 28th. After this date, everyone needs to pay 200 Euro and register for two workshifts with 3 hours each.

When you transfer the money, the description must include your conference name and the order number. It would be great if you could make a separate payment for each personal registration. If necessary, you can make joint payments from abroad to save international bank transfer fees. If you do that, please give all the names and all the numbers for each of the participants for whom you are paying.



As always, registration is somewhat complicated. If you have any questions, just read the steps 1-6 again carefully and try to work it out. If it really does not work or something has gone wrong, get in touch with our enchanting registration fairy Kea, via


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You can withdraw your registration until February 15th without extra cost. After this you have to pay 50% of the ticket fee. If you decide after February 28th that you cannot come, you can only return your ticket, if there are people on the waiting list who take it. In case you like to cancel your ticket, please send an e-mail to

What does the conference cost?

Regular Conference Ticket: 120 Euro

This is the ticket for regular attendees – and you’ll need to book two work shifts, each 3 hours long. If you can afford it and choose one or two extra donation tickets, we promise to love you!


Presenter Ticket: 100 Euro

If you give a workshop this is your ticket – you don’t have to book two work shifts on top of that, but if you want to, you can. If you are a presenter please take a moment to consider whether the time you are putting into your workshop is equivalent to two work shifts, especially when you are presenting a workshop together with someone else. Again, it would be wonderful if you could make a donation so we can offer more discount tickets.


Reduced Ticket: 80 Euro

For those with little money these discount tickets are available – again, you must book two work shifts.

Whether you qualify for a discount ticket is up to you. Please be honest whether you really need a discount, or if you just like to pay less! The reduced tickets are financed through solidarity contributions and there are only as many discount tickets as there are donations. If you use a discount when you don’t actually need it, you take it away from somebody else.

Class boundaries are tricky and it is a privilege of the middle class to not perceive them and not to think about it ... If you would rather pay 80 Euro to "save" money, when you have a reasonably secure job that supports you, or when you have lower income however you can easily get money from your parents – then the discount ticket is probably not for you.

For those without material privileges – please do not hesitate, this is your ticket! We want a conference in which everyone can participate, regardless of your financial situation. If 80 Euro is too much, please get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you and we will try to find a way to make your participation possible.


One-Workshift Ticket: 160 Euro

For people who feel two workshifts à 3 hours are too much, this one-work-shift ticket is available – where you only have to book one work shift, plus maybe a donation.


No-Workshift Ticket: 200 Euro

And for people who do not want to do any work shifts – you can buy this no-work-shift ticket. It frees you from any work for the conference and allows us to pay others for extra work. Of course, every donation on top of the ticket price is also welcome!


Volunteer Ticket: 60 Euro

This ticket is for all those wonderful people, who volunteered to work much more then their assigned 2x3 hours work-shifts. If you are unsure if this applies to you, ask us. Of course you don't need to book extra work-shifts, but are very welcome to make a donation, if you like.


Fulltime Helper Ticket: 0 Euro

These free tickets are for our guests of honor and people who do lots of extra work and carry extra responsibility, such as the deputies. If you are unsure if this applies to you, ask us. Of course you don’t have to book any shifts. But please do register online so we have an overview, and so that you can choose your Midori workshop and we can find out whether you eat vegan, vegetarian or meat. You can still make a donation if you like! We would then adore you even more than we already do – in any case, thank you so much for all the help! You are great!


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