Within good tradition since 1999, we are pleased to invite you to the next International WomenLesbianTrans*Inter BDSM Conference. Following the theme for 2015 – where the Easter Conference goes medieval – we welcome you to the Castle of Kink!

From April 2nd to April 6th 2015 we will meet in Berlin to celebrate all the pleasurable sides of the dark ages: torture, pain, playing with sharp blades and fire, fighting our dragons or following court protocol. There will be place for everyone: queens and kings, ladies and lords, torturers and prisoners, stableboys and horses, whores and servants as well as the serfs. All WomenLesbianTrans*Inter who have had a female socialization at some point in their life and, in addition to that, feel connected to the WomenLesbian BDSM scene are welcome.

Our court first assembles on Thursday and then delves into three days of workshops, play parties and a celebratory feast of perversion – where this year everybody can participate without extra fee. We end by toasting to the good times with mead and coffee on Monday morning before people return to their estates. Further details will be announced once known and published on a website in a few weeks. Registration should then begin by February.

The 2015 conference is organized by Kaj, the Duke of Paraphilia and his castledog sofarbi. We hope you like what we came up with. Without the many people that constitute the court however, the conference would be impossible. Huge thanks to everyone who is helping – you are wonderful!

To make the conference happen, we, just as every year, depend on every participant. The Castle of Kink is what you make it to be. Offer a workshop, help us at court, advertise your service and most important learn, celebrate and have fun.

Let’s go medieval together!

Welcome to the Castle of Kink

As in previous years, the Easter Conference will take place in one central location in Berlin Mitte near Jannowitzbrücke, from the first to the last day. For our all’s safety, you will receive the exact address after registration.

We are the only one to be using these spaces. This means that all the rooms, with the exception of the relaxation room, can and should be used as play spaces. You can use this freedom through imaginative outfits, in the evenings or throughout the day – for instance, inspired by our medieval theme. During the day we create a relaxed atmosphere for workshops, and in the evening atmospheric play spaces.

In addition, after the workshops and before the parties, one of the rooms on the upper floor is reserved as a space for Black, POC and Jewish participants, and we are requesting all others not to enter the space when it is marked as such.

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Conference Venue

Food and Beverage



Early Evening: registration and meet&greet – traditionally with homemade cake (Thank’s for bringing some!)

Evening: playparty



Morning: registration and official opening

Late morning: meeting at the Royal Houses to start into the conference

Afternoon: workshops

Evening: Community Award Ceremony and playparty



During the day: workshops, workshops, workshops

Evening: Kinky Castle Feast– with food and entertainment for everyone!



Till afternoon: lots of workshops

Late afternoon: official goodbye

Evening: playparty



Late morning: unofficial goodbye brunch

Afternoon: dismounting the conference venue with everyone, who’s still around!

Evening:  Playparty Honey & Spice at the Quälgeist


A detailed schedule is available here.

This year we are planning a selection of soups for lunch and a cold buffet for dinner. From vegan to vegetarian and meaty options, everything is there. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate other allergies and intolerances. Yet, as this is a buffet, we hope that everyone will find something to eat.

We will also try to provide fruits and sweets to comply with vitamin requirements and maintain sugar levels during the day. Those who have other culinary needs or preferences, are warmly welcome to bring food with them.

Tea, water and coffee are freely available, for a small donation. At the bar there is juice, cola, beer and champagne which you can buy. Everyone can also bring her/his drink, although high-percentage alcoholic beverages need to stay home.

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Everyone needs to make her/his own travel arrangements to Berlin. One accommodations option is hotels, hostels or apartments. Another option is to inquire for private sleeping places on  → SchMacht or → Fetlife. In the past, several participants would often team up and rent an apartment together.

Here are a few suggestions for hotels and online flat-swaps.

 SM-Apartments and Hotels:

→ Das andere Haus 8 (former Prison)

→ Freiraum Berlin

→ SM Apartments

→ Residenz Avalon

Alternative Kreuzberg Hotels:

→ Die Fabrik

→ Regenbogenfabrik

→ Hotel Transit

→ Garden Houze

Hotels for Women:

→ Hotel Intermezzo

→ Frauenhotel Berlin

Lesbian and gay accommodations network:

→ Ebab.de

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Unfortunately, there are many barriers at the conference that may prevent or hinder participation. This includes primarily the venue, the costs, the language, and the fact that many people come together with different world-views and positions. We know that many barriers remain intact, but would like to try our best to reduce them and to find a way to eventually enable participation.

About the venue: We have written down specific information about the conference venue and our capacity to cope with them with them, so that you can roughly see what to expect. Here are the results in a PDF – so far its only in German, if you like to have it translated, please do let us know. The information currently available is: there are many spatial barriers: narrow toilets and corridors, many stairs, low light and poor acoustics. We would appreciate if people would write us what they need in order to participate, so that we could tackle avoidable barriers. A participant who can only attend part of the conference due to the spatial barriers, will be reimbursed proportionately.

About money: The conference costs money, this cannot be avoided. However, having little or no money, should not prevent a person from participating. We suggest a solidarity principle, so that participation would not be contingent on the money: there is a reduced fee, which is financed by the donations. We also ask for additional contributions to make the conference accessible to all regardless of their income. If the reduced fee is still too high for you, please write us, and we will try together to find a feasible price.

About discrimination: The conference is not a safe space and cannot be, given over 200 participants. We position ourselves against racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism / conforming body standards and class differences – but also know that a simple enumeration is of little use to counter the specific case of discrimination. If you need help in discriminatory situations, especially when it comes to the above-mentioned topics, talk to us or to the Deputies – we are here for you. Depending on the situation, we will address together what you need and how this can be implemented.

About language: The conference is bilingual and will be held in German and English. The workshops will be held in German or English, depending on the facilitator, and in most cases there will  be an effort to offer translation. Either by the facilitators themselves, or as whispered interpreting by the participants.

We have opted for an individual solution of possible problems. We also hope that all participants will take initiative within the conference rules to help make the conference more accessible and open.


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