This year we have received many incredible, amazing, stunning workshop offers – from which we have selected over 50 fabulous workshops.

Every room and every corner of the conference will be used to accommodate and offer as many workshops as possible. There are hands-on workshops, discussion rounds and presentations; from the basics to edge play, everything is there. To ease the overview, we have divided the workshops into four categories: Pain & Pleasure, D/s & Role-playing, Relationships & Emotions and Identity & Community. Of course, the categories are only meant to provide a general overview, as many workshops fit into two or more categories.

In addition to the first three categories we have put a strong emphasis on workshops dealing with our identity and our community. This is due to the emotional debates of recent years about our scene and its direction. The themes of racism at the Easter Conference and door policy were particularly heatedly debated. Both issues raise the question of our conduct with other participants, who is included in the community and who is excluded from it, whether these inclusions and exclusions are consensual and justified, and how do we deal with divergent needs and desires within the scene.

A large part of these debates took place online – which is ok, but not ideal. Rather than putting forward hard positions on the Internet, we wish to encourage personal conversations between the participants of the Easter Conference, hopefully in solidarity, understanding and friendly conduct.

We believe that we can learn from each other and make a greater progress going with – rather than against – each other. We hope that there exists a community in which different people have different positions, rather than parallel scenes that no longer see the similarities among them. Therefore, there will be workshops on the subject: who we were, who we are and who we want to be.

It is clear that these questions can never be conclusively answered; instead, they must be renegotiated again and again. But we actually can negotiate. ;-) So we should also search here, in dialogue with each other, for answers, ideas, compromises and proposed solutions. Together!

The Workshops

Our Guest of Honor Midori

It is our great pleasure to win Midori from San Francisco as the guest of honour for our conference. Midori writes kinky columns and non-fiction books and holds fantastic workshops on BDSM and sexuality world-wide. She is known for her humorous and warm seminars that help people to express their sexuality and to discover themselves. For many years she travels around the world, engages with queer communities and raises funds for HIV research. You can find more about Midori at


At the Easter Conference Midori will give five workshops on the following topics:

Since we want to give all of you the chance to experience Midori live, everyone can sign up for one of her workshops when registering for the conference. However, the number of participants in her workshops are limited, so hurry!


Rope: Control & Dominance Moves

Learn effective rope moves to enhance control. What ever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity. In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides.


Mapping your D/s Archetype: Towards Successfull D/s Relationships

This unique interactive class is designed to help D/s - M/s individuals, leather families as well as the curious to discover and discuss their own relationship archetypes. We'll begin to diagram the expectations, boundaries, goals, and priorities for your current and future relationships.


The Art of Feminine Dominance

Midori will share with you her secrets of the feminine art of dominance. She will discuss the psychology, practical exercises, techniques, fashion, how to discover what makes your partner weak-kneed, and more.


Best Kink Advice nobody told you

Join Midori in this popular and unique class where she explodes the standard definitions of kink and expands the idea of what it's all about. She maps out a fine-tuned and flexible framework that anyone can use to better describe their appetites. The first step to fulfilling your desire is to better understand them, then effectively and appealingly conveying them.


Flogging: Amazing Hand on Training

Improve your flogging skills! Whether you’re a total novice or already confident with the whip, there’s plenty for you in this unique and very active class.  Enjoy drills on techniques to deliver powerful, effective sensations without top-fatigue and sharpen your finesse. Please bring your own flogger!


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Identity & Community

The Mediterranean Dungeon

An intercultural approach to BDSM seduction, interaction, roles, genders and negotiation in Southern Europe – Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy.

(Dita Bi Teese & dijk | Seminar | Eng)


Queerfeminist* and Sub* – Possible?

Moderated discussion about the challenge of being queer, feminist and submissive/bottom/owned. This workshop invites all subs, bottoms and the like (who live it or think about). We want to create a safe space, so tops, please don't come.

 (Ela | Discussion | Dt + Eng)


I’m fat, let’s party! Discussion on Fat BDSM

This workshop is an invitation to all self-identified fat kinksters and their play partners to share tips and tricks of practicing BDSM while fat. (Femmepyre | Discussion | Dt + Eng)


How to Create Queer Events – Wotever Style

Ingo, who created and has been running Wotever World in London since 2003, will give some strategies for creating queer events‚ sticking to your goals, dealing with haters and saboteurs and staying sane. (Ingo Cando | Seminar | Eng)


Safe Enough? – Invitation Politics for Lesbian_queer BDSM Safe Spaces

The goal of this workshop is to develop an awareness for the different emotions, needs and requirements in the WLT*I community in order to help ourselves create a space beyond hardened fronts in which everyone can feel safe. (jo & marion | Discussion | Dt)


How to Organize a Play Party

This workshop is directed at people who are interested in organizing a play party or would like to share their experiences and reflect on them.

(Juschka & Sandra | Discussion | Dt → Eng)


Every Secound Counts. What to do in an Emergency?

Help, my play partner has collapsed – what now?! In this workshop you will learn the most important emergency measures with which you can help your partner until medical help arrives and prevent further harm. (Micca | Seminar | Dt → Eng)


Our Journey to the BDSM Community

Teething problems, rocky roads and surprising treasures - in small groups we wish to share with each other how we experienced/are experiencing our first steps into BDSM communities and how the journey continued/goes on.

(Toyboy & Jacky | Discussion | Dt)


Power, Politics & Play

Let’s reflect on how our experiences of social hierarchies and inequalities in the world affect our desires, plays, and communication. Let’s discuss whether and how BDSM can affect the way we engage with power inequalities in public life.

(zoya & Inna | Discussion | Dt + Eng)


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Pain & Pleasure

Be the Master of your Toys – Tutorial

How striking tools are used depends on their properties and on the preferences of the user. This workshop will allow you to try out everything with and on one another in a relaxed environment. (Arika & Henley | Hands-on | Dt → Eng)


The Ins and Outs of Anal Play

In this workshop we'll talk about the butt and the things you can do to make playing with it a hot and pleasurable experience. (Caeneus & MsParin | Hands-on | Eng)


R.A.C.K. – Risk Aware and Consensual Play

This workshop explores R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) as an alternative concept to the well known Safe Sane and Consensual. What risks evolve from different play dynamics and how to minimise these? – With the full understanding that no plan is fool proof. (Caritia | Discussion | Eng)


Ichinawa – One Rope Bondage

Inspired by Japanese bondage techniques, we will discover the simple, sensual play possible with just one length of 8 meter jute rope. (Caritia | Hands-on | Eng)


Neon Wand – Playing with Electrical Stimulation

In this workshop, I will demonstrate how the Neon Wand can be used safely for playing and the variety of sensations that can be created with it. Every participant will have the opportunity to experience some of these sensations. (Caro | Hands-on | Dt + Eng)


To Squirt or not to Squirt?

In this workshop you learn how female ejaculation functions biologically and whether you can master the technique. You will have the opportunity to exchange experiences on what “squirting” is about: expectations, hopes and fears.

(Devfantasy & Spicy Lady | Seminar | Dt + Eng)


Clamping with Style

In this workshop we will demonstrate how to use pegs and clamps in pain play. We’ll show you how to play with different types of pegs, clothespins and clamps and how and where to use them safely, creatively and kinkily! (Hockney & Aon Silas | Hands-on | Eng → Dt)


Needle Play

This is a practical workshop which will introduce participants to the joys of needle play. The workshop will start with a group discussion and a practical demonstration and then offers a tryout to interested people. (Jude Londondyke | Hands-on | Eng)


Foot Massage Between Joy and Pain

This workshop aims to give inspiration on how the feet can be touched- be it for the purpose of giving relaxation and thanks, or pain and suffering.

(kessefemme | Hands-on | Dt)


Play Fight

You can wrestle, catfight, slap, hit, bite, scratch, scream or play child games... Anything is legitimate as long as we care for one another’s physical safety and consent.

(Kim | Hands-on | Eng → Dt)


*Orgy: Move, Sense, Play*

Our orgy provides room for experiencing pleasure and personal encounters and may lead to discovering that more is possible than our pre-defined thought patterns and/or our shyness usually allow. (Klara & FloZif | Hands-on | Eng → Dt)


Rhythm in Play

Whether it's during hitting, while applying bondage or within a role play – timing and rhythm are important. This workshop gives a short introduction of our experience, room for exchange of ideas, and practical exercises to our favorite play music.

(Mel & Kornelia | Seminar | Dt)


Everything about the Single Tail

The single tail is delicate and difficult whip. Not so many people use it in play, but many would like to. In this workshop we will tell you about materials, sizes and shapes and demonstrate different techniques and ways to practice at home.

(Pieps69 & Bottom M | Hands-on | Eng)


Playing with Breath (Not Gambling with Death!)

Depriving your play partner of unrestricted breathing can add a very intense element to your play. In this workshop we will demonstrate safe practices and offer some exercises for those who feel comfortable to participate. (SashaNL & Kira | Hands-on | Eng)



In this workshop, you will look at your anatomy, touch and feel your G-spot and that of your partner. Learn how to have sexual and erotic pleasure in your vagina and maybe how to ejaculate! (Tiphaine | Hands-on | Eng)



In this advanced workshop you are invited to review and practice various bondage techniques, to try something new (we will bring along some suggestions) and to share tips and tricks. (Toyboy & Devfantasy | Hands-on | Dt + Eng)


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D/s & Roleplay

Argentine Tango and BDSM

Based on the movements of the Argentine tango, we want to experiment with body language and body tension. (Andrea & Jatan | Hands-on | Dt + Eng)


The Archeress, the Cook and the Remote Control – Role-plays for the Curious

We will experiment with different methods to develop characters and storylines for role-plays. (Andrea & Joke | Hands-on | Dt → Eng)


Fear play

Fear play – the what, how and why. Different types of play, emotional and physical safety and how to get the most out of it for yourselves. Also: being safe while pushing limits. Practical solutions and group discussion. (Arielle | Seminar | Eng)


Boot Blacking 101

This workshop covers the basics of shoe shining, provides a survey of the tools and gives a practical demonstration of the bar shine on a pair of boots. (boi Annabell | Hands-on | Eng)


Dirty Talk

We are going to talk to each other in the sexiest, most seductive, dirty, shameless, smart ass, wicked and playful ways we can think of. Since embarrassment and humor, fantasy and absurdity sometimes go together, you can expect some fun.

(Dare | Hands-on | Dt + Eng)


FemDom-Group Play Preparation Workshop

We invite you to FemDom, a fun group play which will allow you to ease into conference mode and mingle. The preparation and negotiation workshop is obligatory to be able to join the group-play. (DivaBerlin, Arielle, MsParin, Caeneus | Discussion | Dt + Eng)


Body Language, Body, Energy!

In this workshop you will learn the impact of your body language, how a well placed touch can send shivers through your play partner, and how a gaze can make the other drop to their knees. (Eleni | Hands-on | Dt + Eng)


Age Play Skill Exchange and Group Play

This workshop aims to create a safe space for littles and caregivers to share skills and exchange ideas about different types of age play. If enough people are interested, there will be the opportunity to plan a group play, that could then take place in the evening. (Femmepyre | Discussion | Dt + Eng)


At Your Service: Creating and Sustaining Service Relationships

In the workshop we will discuss the different types of service from receiving one-off service, such as a massage or boot-blacking, through to 24/7 service relationships. (Hockney & Charlie | Seminar | Eng)



This workshop is the sequel to a discussion round on the topic of 24/7 which took place at the EC 2014. You are very welcome, even if you didn’t attend last year.

(Juschka | Discussion | Dt → Eng)



This workshop will allow people to share experiences about plays based on total passivity and offers exercises to discover how total passivity alters your perception.

(Lutsa, Marion, Alice | Seminar | Eng → Dt)



Let's discuss, what Daddy/girl means to you and your relationship, what prejudices exists and what's the appeal of this special dynamic. (OldSchoolButch | Discussion | Dt)


Using Religion in Role-play

This is a workshop on the use of religion in BDSM roleplay. Why we do it, the range of roles and props that can be used, key factors in negotiating a scene, including respecting of religious traditions and the possibilities of personal triggers.

(Rosa & Christian | Seminar | Eng)


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Emotions & Relationships

Speed Dating

After a short warm-up round, you will have the opportunity to participate in “classic” speed-dating and discover if you share positive chemistry with someone. Beginners are welcome, but you should have an idea of what you are looking for in a play partner.

(Caro & Jonas | Hands-on | Dt + Eng)


Spin Ideas and Upgrade Your Play Network!

The simultaneous speed-dating workshop will help you to find a suitable play partner. Those who don’t know whether they are looking for a top, a bottom, a pet, a lunch date or a wife, please join this workshop. (Frl. Rottenmeier | Hands-on | Dt → Eng)


Butch Boobs in Play

This workshop is about sharing ideas and experiences about the role that the breasts of butches and other masculine in- betweens can play in erotic BDSM play.

(Devlin & Andy | Discussion | Dt + Eng)


The First Step is the Hardest... from Theory to Practice

A small introduction into the world of WLT*I BDSM. From your fantasies to a first negotiation. About safety, tips, tricks, good things to know and information about aftercare. Adapted to participants’ needs. (Ela | Seminar | Dt + Eng)


Getting What You Want in 4 Easy Steps

Negotiation is one of the most important skills to have in BDSM. It’s all about communication. This workshop will show ways to convey to a potential play partner what it is that you want and what it is that you can give. (Eva | Seminar | Dt → Eng)


Let's Face Them: Poly Worries for Beginners

Poly for beginners: We will talk about burgeoning worries and fears and develop ideas to deal with them. The workshop is aimed at people who have no or very little experience in poly relationships. (Marlen & Joke | Discussion | Dt → Eng)


His Lesbian Lady

This workshop is aimed at lesbians who are in a relationship with a trans man. How do other women experience being invisible as lesbians to the outside world? How is sex affected? What makes these relationships complicated or special?

(MsParin | Discussion | Eng → Dt)


Keeping the Fire Burning

Is it always inevitable that passionate sexual desire will wane as time goes by? How do you sustain desire in a long term SM or D/s relationship? Join a free and frank discussion of the issues, share ideas and learn from each other in a safe environment.

(Rachel | Discussion | Eng)


How to Deal with My Feelings?

Despite all prior arrangements, we sometimes don't know how to engage with our play partner on “neutral” territory after play and after-care. Together we would like to find answers to the question of how to best deal with our own emotions and needs.

(Zerberus & Kea | Discussion | Dt)


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