So many exciting people, so many playparties, so many great workshops, so many new ideas. To offer all this, we need many helping hands. The conference fee covers venue and food costs, as well as minor conference-related expenses. To keep the price as low as possible for everyone, all participants are requested to perform some of the work, big and small.

Some work their fingers to the bone for months, some patiently respond to questions about conference plans one evening after the other, others help for several days at the venue construction and the disassembly afterwards. Many of you give fantastic workshops and thus make your contribution to the work-load. All others help by taking on 2 work shifts at the conference.

Basically it is about keeping the space clean and organised, taking care of the bar and the buffet, and assisting with the construction, re-construction and disassembly of the venue. There is a positive side effect to the work shift: one gets to know and meet people, with whom you might not have conversed otherwise.

The work shifts will be chosen by you online once you received a conference ticket. Without a shift of your choice, the registration is not valid. There are many different tasks to do, so that everyone can choose her/his preferred time and just the right kind of work. Each shift is briefly described at the registration website, so it is clear what one registers for. There is also the option to pay a significantly increased fee and not do any work shifts.

Of course, registering for the work shift is not the whole deal, you actually have to do the job too!

We mean that in all seriousness! In the past, people repeatedly did not show up for their work shift. This shows lack of solidarity, interrupts the course of the conference and generates extra work for others.

If you are sick, have a drop, want to save your relationship or have overestimated your energy – make sure someone else takes over your work shift. No, it does not mean that a participant can write us an email or inform us 5 minutes before the work shift that they cannot do it. Look for someone who could fill in for you, inform the Deputies supervising the work shifts, and see to it, that this person will actually do your job!

Who misses out their work shift will not be allowed back in to the conference or will be banned for next year. In addition, the conference might be big, but it is still small enough for people to remember whether we are acting in solidarity or not.

Work & Play


The Easter Conference is a volunteer run event! For this to work, we need your help, put in via the work shifts – you get a lot of workshops and great playparties in return.