For those who are new to the conference, and perhaps even new to the scene, first of all:
a very warm welcome!

We try to make the Easter Conference as open and inviting as possible. Whichever passions and desires one brings, chances are high to meet like-minded people.

The most important thing to remember is, we’re all just people. Don’t be afraid. Those of us active in the Lifestyle vary in our level of involvement. For some, BDSM is a fun, sexy thing to do. For others, it is a journey that encompasses their entire lives. Most players are somewhere in between.

Like the rest of the world, most of us are pretty nice most of the time. Sometimes we act rude or angry and get to apologize later, like everybody else. And, as will happen in life, sometimes you meet someone who is just a jerk. Don’t worry about it. Feel free to be yourself and not live up to what you think others expect of you. We’re just people only kinky!

Your first time in the scene

The engine rooms as a first starting point

To provide us all with a good start into the conference, meetings in small groups are scheduled to take place already before the first workshops. These are the Group Meetings. The concept of the group – which in accordance with the 2018 steampunk theme takes place in the engine rooms– has already been tested in previous conferences and proved to be successful.

Small groups are formed by lot. In the small groups, the participants will hear more about the conference and its course of action. The main purpose however is to introduce the participants and meet conversation partners.

Each group has tried and tested machinists. They help to give a first orientation, facilitate the introductions, and guide those a little bit who wish to be pointed in the right direction. The group members remain for the rest of the conference as possible contact persons.

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What to expect?

  1. Lots of friendly perverts from around the country and around the world. The Easter Conference offers a great way to meet people, to visit, learn, and to obtain many new ideas. Introduction rounds and ice breaker games offer good chances of getting to know other attendees whose dance card is not so full.
  2. Seminars given by great presenters on a variety of topics. It seems that all the best seminars are usually scheduled at the same time. So attendees should be prepared for “seminar selection stress.” It might make sense to go to some of the beginners workshops, especially the ones on negotiating, how to find a play partner, and basic rules. Feel free, however, to join every workshop that interests you – most are for everyone and if you like it you can learn from it.
  3. Not much sleep. Up early for breakfast before the seminars and back to bed late after the parties. Do try to relax in between though and make sure you don’t do too much. It can be overwhelming and taking a break helps to prevent this.
  4. Extra intense play parties. The energy level at events is usually pretty high, and you get to see how different people play. (Maybe even with you!) People tend to “dress up” for the parties, although a dress code is not enforced. Wear whatever you like and feel good in – be yourself, its hot!
  5. Our tip: Don’t wait for a top to drag you to the pillory with a piercing glance or for a submissive to elegantly sink to her knees at your feet. Your dreams will more likely come true if (yes, that again!) you work up the courage to approach enthralling party guests. Give them a nice smile, perhaps compliment their sexy outfit or their play you may have watched. If they already have a play date, ask them whether you can approach again during the course of the weekend.
  6. Be prepared for an incredible high during the event. The culture shock, often called “Con Drop,” may happen when you get back to the “real world” after the event.
  7. Come with a VERY open mind. You will see lots of different kinds of people, hear lots of different viewpoints and opinions, see lots of different kinds of relationships and different kinds of play. People tend to ”pull out the stops” at these events, and some of the action can be very unusual. It’s all good, and it’s all a learning experience.
  8. Be respectful, courteous and tolerant of others. If you’re new and unsure how to behave towards someone, asking and maybe stating that you don’t know is a very good option. You might also tell the other person that you’re new to the scene and you’re not quite sure what’s going on. They will very likely understand and explain things to you. Everyone was new at one time, and we remember what it was like.
  9. When you approach someone, do consider in what situation they might be. Before throwing your arms around friends’ necks and cheering loudly it may be a good idea to find out what’s up. Maybe the group there in the corner is negotiating, perhaps the pretty one on the barstool is already in role, maybe those two over there are just coming down from a high. Make sure you don’t pull anyone out of play by getting too close, especially not with witty remarks. It’s also very unpopular to touch other’s toys without permission. We don’t need to emphasize that slings are not a sitting place to enjoy a glass of beer, do we? ;)
  10. Expect to be amazed, surprised, delighted, shocked, startled, amused, and expect to experience a whole range of intense emotions. Sensory overload and unexpected emotional reactions are a common side effect. If it gets to be a bit too much, find a quiet corner to sit in and just watch for a while, or find someone to talk to about how you’re feeling. You can also go back to the resting area to relax for a bit, or take a walk or leave for a while. Then go back to the event and jump back into the pool.
  11. Food is important. Food is part of a balanced diet, and provides the energy necessary to socialize, learn and play. Nine out of ten Dominants surveyed recommend Food. (The tenth was too busy eating to respond.) Don’t forget eating, even if you are too nervous or too excited or too tired.
  12. If you’re new to the lifestyle, it’s important to know that you do not have to play at Kinky events… at the parties or anywhere else! Everything that happens at these events is consensual. You are free to just watch, and you are free to play if you want to. If someone asks you to play and you’re not quite ready, just say something like, “No, thanks, I’m just watching and learning.” If you are interested, don’t be afraid to ask for references, and be sure to negotiate the limits of the play session.
  13. Read the rules for the event and the play parties! Don’t just browse them quickly and sign them at the registration desk. The rules are important, they are there for a reason. Look for the rules on this website, study them, read them again at registration, and make sure you understand them. At Kink events, as in the legal system, ignorance of the law is no defense!
  14. Have lots and lots of fun!!!


Thanks to Master Grey of Denver who wrote part of this list. We took it and adapted it to our needs. We also added bits from Mrs. Rottenmeiers list: „Wow, is this exciting! Pointers for your first play party“



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