The 20th international WLT*I* BDSM Conference takes place from March 29th to April 2rd 2018 at a central location in Berlin. → Venue details

Mollena Lee Williams-Haas will be there! Our special guest will give 3 workshops and with over 40 other presenters every room and every corner of the venue will be used. There is something for everyone, no matter the level or the kink!

→ The workshops at one glance

Get your kinky engine started for a steam-punk ride of nostalgia and fun! In 2018
the international WomenLesbianTrans*-Inter* BDSM Easter Conference is taking place for the 20th time and we promise you four exciting and joyful celebration days.

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The Easter Conference is done by and for the Community! For everything to work, everyone has to help out – that is part of the fun and what makes the conference special!

→ More about the work shifts

The registration for a conference ticket took place  from January 13th – 14th. Since there is more demand for tickets than we can give out, all tickets will be raffled after the 14th of January.

→ How to register

Oh so many new News: Mollenas workshops, a detailed schedule and workshop overview and all about the community-exhibition

Finally all workshop and registration info is online.

Please donate for solidarity-tickets!

Mollena will come to the conference and we are so looking forward to her Workshops!


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Invited to Easter Conference 2018
are all WomenLesbiansTrans*Inter* feeling that they belong to the WomenLesbians BDSM community and feel solidarity to it.

→ More on rules


We attempt to reduce the barriers at the conference. Physical, financial and in our minds. We hope that this allows more people to enjoy the conference.

→ More on accessibility

Dealing with racism

We position ourselves against racism! We want to reduce racist behavior at the conference and change our structures and the program to make the conference more attractive and accessible for everyone.

→ More on handling racism