This year we have again received many incredible, amazing, stunning workshop offers – from which we have selected over 40 fabulous workshops.

Every room and every corner of the conference will be used to accommodate and offer as many workshops as possible. There are hands-on workshops, discussion rounds and presentations; from the basics to edge play, everything is there. To ease the overview, we have divided the workshops into four categories: Identity & Community, Pain & Pleasure, D/s & Role-playing and Relationships & Emotions. Of course, the categories are only meant to provide a general overview, as many workshops fit into two or more categories.

As in previous years, some workshops focus on highly discussed topics. Especially heated are those about racism and the question who feels welcome at the conference. We want to continue these discussions, hopefully in solidarity, understanding and friendly conduct. We believe that we can learn from each other and that we are stronger together than divided.

We tried our best to offer both German and English workshops, so that there is something there for everyone. The workshops will be either in German or in English or in both languages. If the workshop description is only in one language, then the workshop will be held in that language only. To make this obvious, we also added the brackets that provide the language.

The Workshops

Our Guest of Honor Mollena

We are extremely excited to welcome Mollena Lee Williams-Haas from New York as our special guest for the Easter Conference 2018.  Mollena is a writer, actress, BDSM Educator and Storyteller and knowledgeble in all these fields. Exploring kink since 1993, active in BDSM and the Leather Community since 1996, and presenting classes since 1998, she speaks at Leather, BDSM and Kink events across the US, Europe and Canada. She is extremely proud to have served as International Ms Leather 2010 and Ms. San Francisco Leather 2009. She is the author of the “Toybag Guide: Taboo Play.” Mollena co-created, with Lee Harrington, “Playing Well With Others: Your Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities”. At the conference Mollena will hold the key note and present three of her amazing workshops. More about Mollena can be found at


Minority within a minority: Being a person of color in the BDSM community

While some kinksters embrace their Leather lifestyle with ease and nary a look back, others of us face difficult paths towards the leather lifestyle that are fraught with many pitfalls. One's religious, cultural and racial heritage can add myriad layers and nuances to the process. Though some may view the Leather Community as a Utopian, Egalitarian enclave, it actually is a microcosm, full of all of the twists, turns, fears and hopes that haunt and inspire the rest of the world.

In this class, we will discuss some of the issues facing minorities as their numbers grow within the public BDSM community. Stereotyping? Racism? Classism? "Not in our Community!" you say? Think again. The instructor will share her own experiences in coming to terms with being a black female with submissive and slave tendencies, and still reconciling those feelings with feelings of isolation, guilt, desire, loss and an intense need to be true to her path. EVERYONE is encouraged to attend; share your experiences or learn about the experiences of others in an open, accepting environment.


Finding, vetting and hiring the right dominant for YOU

Oftentimes, we hear of dominants and masters placing a potential submissive or slave "under consideration:" this indicating that there is a trial period where the dominant type person gauges suitability and decides whether or not the s-type person is "worthy" of the honor of being owned. But what about the other way around? Is it not also the responsibility of the submissive or slave to ascertain "worthiness," insure the are giving themselves over to a suitable partner, and ready to take this important step?

Finding a good match in the Default World is tough. Adding on the layer of PE (Power Exchange) dynamics can make this a truly overwhelming prospect. It is vital that submissives and slaves take a responsible, clear-eyed approach to negotiation submission and slavery. In this session, we will discuss the role of self-esteem in choosing the best dominant or master for you

• what the "Prime Directive" is and what it means to you,

• Identifying and maintaining your core identity

• Negotiation for mutually assured success.

You, dear submissive and slave, are your most valuable commodity: are you taking care to hand yourself over to someone who will care for you?


Beautiful intention, gracious focus: Bringing service to life

Many people aspire to or consider themselves to be "Service Oriented." But if you ask them what being "In Service" means, you may be in for a rather unfocused response. Ask them precisely what services they bring to the table and often the intention becomes even foggier and more diffuse. On the other side, it is a rare dominant or top who knows what it means to graciously accept service, and exactly what in their life requires the dedication and focus that a submissive or slave can bring to the equation. One of the most basic aspects of service, being reactive to the physical and emotional cues that are an integral part of dominant and submissive relationships, is something often overlooked.

This class will involve exploring exercises in service, attentiveness and non-verbal communication. How clear a communicator are you? How gracefully can you provide service? How artfully can you accept service? You may well be surprised, you definitely will step outside of your accustomed roles, and you most certainly will have an opportunity to reconsider exactly what active service means to you. We'll look at the poise and beauty of the most simple D/s interaction and see how even a glass of water can be an emotional journey.

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Identity & Community

Aging is a work of art

Were you born in or prior to 1970? How is your lust doing these days? What role does SM/Kink play in your life? How do you experience getting older in our sex and lust oriented SM-community? Do you find it easy or complicated? Come laugh and rebel and get connected! (Dt + Eng)



Vor 20 Jahren hat die Osterkonferenz erstmals stattgefunden und zwar als Treffen für
SM-Lesben/Frauen. Mit den Jahren hat sich viel verändert, sowohl in der Gesamtgesell-schaft als auch in der Community. Sitzen Lesben zwischen den Stühlen oder auf mehreren Stühlen gleichzeitig?! (Dt)


Butch exchange

Butches are so hot, but not often they speak to each other explicitly about their butchness. This is the time to collect stories and his/herstories, which is important for community building. This space has room for questions, anekdotes, hopes and laughter. (Dt + Eng)


Stone is my desire

A discussion for all identifying as stone and those that value and desire exactly this.
Let’s talk about what stone means to us, what’s sexy and hot and appealing about it.
If you define yourself as stone, if stone is your desire you’re very welcome at this workshop. (Dt + Eng)


Postcolonialism, racism and whiteness

Reflection, acknowledgement and actively shaping our communities can lead to a less dominant and less ignorant atmosphere in our spaces. Who am I? How do I contribute to violent structures although I do not mean to? What is necessary to become an ally? We want to work together on these issues. This workshop is centered around accountability of white people, but open for everyone. (Dt + Eng)


Ladies night

Starting with a little story / philosophy about how it is to be non-binary / postgender in a society, environment which is based on heterosexual and racial standards. That is the base for the discussion and sharing experiences. Do we have tips and tricks for each other? What is our fantasy on a ladies night? (Dt + Eng)


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Pain & Pleasure

Spin ideas and upgrade your play network! (SpeedMating/intro games)

Try something new for a change? Looking for a rendezvous? Need play mates for a group scene during the conference? Too shy-shy? This can be fixed: Frl. Rottenmeier, known for all sorts of S/M gaiety invites you to explore and interrogate. The exact way in which this is going to happen will be defined at short notice – curiousness is a virtue. (Dt + Eng)


I am here – and now? – Play preparation for beginners

How do I get to play and how do I negotiate the scene? What are safewords and how do I use them? What is aftercare? In this workshop we will talk about safe-sane-consensual, think about methodes to find play partners and exercise negotiation.
(Dt + Eng)


How to dig your own grave – bottoming skills

This is a workshop about bottoming skills, especially for shy and/or inexperienced bottoms, who would like to find out what they (might) want or like and how to communicate that. We will focus on practical communication and feedback and pain play exercises. (Eng)


Rope bondage: an Introduction

This workshop is about learning the basics of rope bondage. I will show the basic single and double column ties, extending rope and tensioning in a demo. The main focus of the workshop will be on tying and creating a flow rather than learning patterns. More experienced couples can practice further ideas and positions  in smaller groups. (Dt + Eng)


Einladung zum Playfight

In diesem Workshop habt ihr die Möglichkeit, unterschiedliche Stile des Kämpfens auszuprobieren und zu erfahren, wie es sich anfühlt vor Publikum zu kämpfen. Ihr benötigt keine Kampferfahrung. (Dt)


Stitch’n bitch

Suturing is a way of decorating or restraining a piece of the body by using a stitching thread. Do you want to know how you can best use the round suture needles? We’re gonna talk about it and demonstrate it. Of course there is plenty of time and guidance to try it yourself on a banana (please bring one yourself) or on the arm of a volunteer (please bring one yourself). (Dt + Eng)


Vaginal fisting: talk and try

Vaginal fisting is a very intense sexual action. Do you want to learn more about it? Or possibly even try it? You’re invited to this workshop! We divide this workshop in two parts: the first 45 minutes is the talking part. The second 45 minutes is the trying out part and only open for active participants. (Eng)


Seizing the head with bare hands

In a practical circuit, the participants can explore with fun and lust what can be done to and experienced by the face, throat, neck and back of the head with bare hands only.

This workshop is aimed at experienced players only, because the participants need high awareness about the effects of playing with this part of the body safely. (Dt + Eng)


Schmutzige Spiele

In diesem Workshop tauschen wir uns über die Faszination von Spielen mit Pisse, Körperflüssigkeiten aller Art, Dreck und Schlamm aus. Damit es kein rein theoretischer Austausch ist und gleichzeitig die Regeln der Osterkonferenz respektiert werden, gibt es die Möglichkeit zu einem kurzen Ausflug ins Umfeld des Konferenzortes. (Dt)


Breath play LITE

This workshop is focusing on the psychological side of breath play: NOT chokeholds, ligatures or asphyxiation. Instead of this it will cover: drowning, face sitting, D/s, using breath for connection and control and of course safety. Find out how breath play could work for your style of play. (Dt + Eng)


Going beneath the skin with needles

In this workshop, you will first get a theoretical introduction on negotiating and preparing a needle session, safety issues, allround infos on needle play, and then a live demon-stration of techniques. At last, you get the chance to try it out for yourself. (Dt + Eng)


Making a basic singletail whip

Always wanted to have your very own fancy whips, out of accessible materials, but don’t know where to get started? In this workshop, we will teach you how to make a basic singletail whip with recycled materials (bike inner tyres). We provide the material but if you can take a good pair of scissors with you, it’s even greater! The workshop is suited for vegans. (Dt + Eng)


Rope without performance anxiety

This workshop is intended to release some of the perfectionist pressure in rope culture. Because if your skin doesn’t like hemp or your body isn’t young and slender or doesn’t twist flexibly in suspension, you can still enjoy connecting to  your partners with ropes.
(Dt + Eng)



A discussion about dynamics with three players (two tops, one bottom): what is the key element for the connection? For us, it is the tops’ stoneness meeting the bottom’s desire. We’d like to hear your experiences and questions and to talk about the desires of all involved in a co-topping setting. (Dt + Eng)



Self-tying does not always have to be about suspensions. In its essence, it is a form of communication with one’s self and can be seen as a part of larger self-playing practices. In this workshop, I aim to share one way in which I practice self-tying without a hard point and exploring some ideas with the participants. (Dt + Eng)


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D/s & Roleplay

Dress to impress – how outfits can enrich a play

Ever wanted to be a nun or pirate – or be seduced by one? We will share our ideas, questions, tips and fetishes and discuss among other themes: What do outfits do for each of us? How can you use them in various ways for role-play? Come in your favorite outfit – we’ll have fun. (Dt + Eng)


Heeled ambitions

From Platforms to Stilettos, Peep toes to Mary Janes – heels have been adorned and loathed in equal measures. Walking in heels is fun and playful but also serious business, it takes skill and practice and let’s face it who hasn’t felt curious enough to give it a try? In this workshop we will practice walking in heels not just safely but with attitude and sass. (Eng)


Yoga und Submissivität

In diesem Workshop für Bottoms und Subs geht es nach einer 30-minütigen Yoga-Einheit um Fragen wie: Yoga als Vor- und Nachbereitung von Plays? Kann die innere Haltung im Yoga eine Unterstützung in herausfordernden Play-Situationen sein? Yoga als eigenstän-diger Ausdruck von Submissivität – unabhängig von aktuellen Plays oder einer Top? (Dt)


Sexy change of clothes

In this hands-on workshop we’ll focus on how to change clothes in a hot way. There will be small excercises and lots of fun. It’s not about nudity, the focus will be on moving techni-ques captivating the other’s gaze while we change bit by bit into a new outfit. (Dt + Eng)


Assistenztraining für Hunde, Ponys, Papageien

Barrierereduktion und Kink, diesmal praktisch! Dieser Workshop richtet sich an alle, die Leute gerne spielerisch, lustvoll und kinky unterstützen wollen oder sich Unterstützung durch andere wünschen, egal ob mit oder ohne Vorerfahrung. Wir wollen mit Spiel-elementen aus den Bereichen Service, Petplay oder DirtyTalk experimentieren. (Dt)


Hoofs-on pony play

Have you ever wanted to be a human pony, or longed for a pony of your own? In this workshop we will explore both sides of pony play through movement, props and character exercises. (Eng)


Edge play – consensual non-consent

The topic of this workshop is rape play, kidnap and torture play, where “no” is not a safe word. Edge play, for the purposes of this workshop meaning activities exceeding the S.S.C. (safe sane consensual) parameters. This is not a workshop about total power exchange. This will also be a place to voice forbidden desires in a supportive environment. This workshop is aimed at those who are experienced. (Eng)


Cum to daddy

This is a workshop about age play. We talk about why we do it, the range of roles, negotiation and personal triggers and initiate a small group scene. We will explore tools that help focus on who we want to be without having to adhere to set scripts or personas. (Dt + Eng)


Power exchange energy and conciousness

This workshop teaches how to use intention in power exchange and energy techniques to increase the possiblities for erotic domination and submission. We will explore using breath and energy techniques to create a connection between players in scenes, then tools for generating sexual energy to support power exchange and mindful surrender/domination. (Eng)


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Relationships & Emotions

Kink reloaded – Begehren neu entdeckt

Folgen deine Spielszenen immer dem gleichen Muster, das sich irgendwie festgefahren anfühlt? Welche Teile von BDSM hast du – warum auch immer – aufgehört weiter zu erforschen? Dieser Workshop lädt dich ein, deinem Begehren (wieder) zu begegnen und es zu entfachen. Bitte bringe ein Lieblingsspielzeug oder Lieblingsfantasie mit. (Dt)


Fuck-up exchange

This workshop offers a non-judgmental space to share your less successful experiences and break the taboo on getting things wrong. Discover that you’re not alone with your mistakes, how to come back from them and learn from the “how not-to” lessons of others. (Dt + Eng)


BDSM & Spiritualität

Austausch für Kinkys, die sowohl mit BDSM als auch mit Spiritualität (im weitesten Sinne) – aber nicht unbedingt in Kombination – Erfahrung haben. Und die im BDSM Elemente von Spiritualität bzw. Trance leben oder leben wollen. Ich weiß, es gibt euch! Ich möchte initiieren, dass wir uns austauschen und Kontakte knüpfen. (Dt)


Oh Lord, Safeword!

Safewords are part of SSC/Rack and we all negotiate their usage. That’s just how it is done. But who does actually use them? Why? Why not? Sometimes it seems to be almost a taboo to say a safeword, especially one that would terminate the scene. Let’s exchange experiences and thoughts, and make this subject a bit less loaded, for all of us. (Dt + Eng)


Let me ask myself first

An advanced workshop to help you get closer to your own desires, away from the usual patterns and expectations of negotiation. Different strategies to deal with consent and negotiation in BDSM. We will share tools, negotiation incidents, and exercises to reconnect with your body. (Eng)



Do you know that situation when you're at conference and you're suddenly overcome with feelings of vulnerability, like sadness, loneliness or anger – and there's no one available to talk at the moment? We would like to help out by offering a low-threshold opportunity to talk. We do not intervene and cannot promise to solve all the things. We do have tissues, ears and shoulders aplenty though (Dt + Eng)


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